Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Underneath the Lintel

Portland Center Stage
October 12, 2005; closes October 30, 2005

Quaint and clever, wry and giddy: the imaginative playwright Glen Berger assigned joy and consequence to ephemera, this time with the effusive precision of Oregon’s own Time Winters, whose pitch-perfect performance made the eccentric of the everyday and vice-versa — in a production that seems well-fit for PCS’s audience, space, character.


Anonymous said...

Between this and 'O Lovely Glowworm' I have realized that Glen Berger is a genius. Simple as that. The writing was so fabulous- a perfect balance of plot, humor, and thought provoking ideas. Time Winters deserves a lot of credit for keeping the show fun and captivating all by himself. Go see it.

james said...

i enjoyed this show but wish that the design elements better supported the “lecture” format. The Librarian working the slide projector was perfect. for my taste, had he turned on specific sound cues, that would have sealed the deal. and the light cues (while beautiful) didn't feel necessary in context.

Anonymous said...

I was in love with this show five minutes into it. The notion of an obsessive, anal bean counter doggedly doing his thing and gradually finding himself on the trail of something big -- the sublime, the divine, whatever -- is wonderful. I think the actor appreciated my raucous laughter from the far end of the front row; he looked vaguely in my direction twice. I felt it ended a little weakly on such marvelous promise, but I don't know what else the playwright could have done. Terrific work, all around.