Friday, September 16, 2005

Dreampuffs of Lorna

Stark Raving Theatre
September 15, 2005; closes October 8, 2005

Quirky, yes, but Jennifer Haley’s new script was additionally wise, witty, sometimes wild. Well-balanced quartet of actors eked scattered moments from production that otherwise squeezed a little too tight, pushed a little too far, conjuring my companion’s sage advice, “Don’t kick the puppy.” Thoughtful, skillful sound design from Elias Foley.


Anonymous said...

what's with the title anyway?

Anonymous said...

the originle title was "dreampuffs of war" is that better or worse?

Anonymous said...

I think it's the word "dreampuffs" -- no one I know has been able to remember the title accurately--they get stuck on that word and end up saying something like, "you know, that dreamy, puffy, something or another show ..."

so, from a marketing point of view, is that a fair trade-off? not being able to remember the exact title in exchange for being a very unique, distinguishable one? (as in, I don't remember the title either, but I know which one you're talking about)

on the other hand, i can see why one would drop the word "war" -- even the Republicans are finding that a hard sell right now

hmmmm... lemme think a sec about what I would call this show if I were given the opportunity to re-name it........