Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Flu Season

Theatre Vertigo
August 26, 2005; closes September 24, 2005

Demanding play grew more interesting in retrospect. Less about love in psychiatric hospital and more nifty self-referential disassembly of unseen puppeteer—the playwright. When that layering worked, heady worlds entreated, like unexpected images of Magic Eye books. But similarly, that three-dimensional world was hard to behold when viewpoint was forced.


Anonymous said...

This doesn't make much sense. The 50 word limit can be tricky when you're dealing with a complex play like this, but you might want to take another crack at it for your review to have some impact.

Follow Spot said...

Anonymous 2:00AM:
Fair enough: I enjoyed its complex concept (which, to me, had little to do with the surface love story). Also a good sign that I kept mulling it over long after. However, actual execution felt, at times, a little forced and sometimes the-tree-instead-of-the-forest. Still, good stab at a difficult script.

Anonymous said...

Much better. Thank you for clarifying!

someone else said...

I actually rather enjoyed the original review and thought the reference to Magic Eye 3D images and forced viewpoints an apt comparison. Oh well.

That said, I enjoyed "Flu Season" quite a lot. Some really fantastic, heartbreaking moments, quirky humor and a very nice set! Go see this show! Soon!

jeff said...

From the Vertigo website:

Hi everyone,

If you were thinking about seeing The Flu Season, I encourage you to please attend this coming weekend (Sept. 8-10).

Because all concessions money and donations from this weekends shows will be given to the Red Cross for reasons that we all know too much and too little about.

So, please don't wait. See the show this weekend and buy an extra cup of coffee.