Wednesday, July 27, 2005

2005-2006 Season (preview)

Stark Raving Theatre
July 27, 2005

SRT Formula™:
• Quirky: Dreampuffs of Lorna: Homefronters play while cat-owner’s away.
• Zany: Cold Comedy Concoction: 4 new writers/directors/plays.
• Haunting: The Mark: Triangulated relations.
• Sexy: Vamp: Script-reader meets ultimate cliché.

Fun, sure, but what makes these new works especially relevant? Not just the what, but the why.


jeff said...


"Dreampuffs": from the press release: "Lorna is a woman who is going off to war". Duh.

"The Mark": a local author on a local scandal. Vague, sure, but I won't give it all away.

"Cold Comedy": highlighting new authors (including a high school author) and new scripts: always relevant IMO...

"Vamp": when there is so much bitching about sameness and cliche' in theatre, this show both uses it to it's advantage and dares to spin it a new diretion.


Anonymous said...

Your dislike for Stark Raving Theatre, most likely centered on the smug - sometimes hard to swallow Zrebski, is too apparent. While most of the "bigger name" theatres in this town got 50 words per show, you summed up their entire season in as few.

Anonymous said...

Jeff's right -- there's probably a lot more relevance there than meets the eye when reading the somewhat nebulous descriptions on Stark Raving's Web site

Follow Spot said...

Regarding new scripts: Quick review of my theatre-going last year reveals 30-some shows (almost one-third of season) brand-spankin’ new, new adaptations or new translations among 20-some companies. Cool! PS to Anon12:30: I’ve met Zrebski once in passing, so my opinions of SRT&Co. are really only from what I’ve seen onstage.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice this?
Six recent Stark shows (After the Zipper, Killsville, Darkstep and Dawning, Tundra, Hush, The Vespiary.) have shared one plot: An abusive pansexual love triangle resolved by a violent death involving supernatural forces. Maybe the upcoming Mark will break the formula.

jeff said...


Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice? How could anyone NOT notice? It's called a new act SRT - get one.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous naysayers,
I second Jeff: what the Hell is Hush? That makes five shows, and of those five, only one was performed in the last two years-- so what do you consider "recent"?

jeff said...

Ah ha! "Hush" was the site-specific JAW/West piece written by "The Mark" author Getchen Icenogle; I'll leave it up to you if it can be classified as a show or not.

Ruth said...

Wait a minute. Has it been implied that the demon child in The Vespiary was part of a love triangle? Because that was totally not part of my motivation or character work. ;)

Brother Lyle said...

Nor mine.