Friday, April 29, 2005


Artists Repertory Theatre
April 28, 2005

Thoughtful premise spinning cerebral circles. I so wanted something to happen, but only a scene or two near the end went anywhere. There must be better ways to illustrate the point. Performances, production elements all competent, but unable to save stage version of what will hopefully work better on television.


Anonymous said...

Re: "production elements all competent". Did you not notice the 5-foot wide stripe of darkness running thru the center, all the way from downstage to upstage? And the fact that anyone within 7 feet of the upstage wall (the full width of the stage) had their face in darkness?

Follow Spot said...

I did not, in fact, notice any such lighting problems at the performance I saw. And though I continue to have reservations about this script, I do concede, as esteemed colleagues have suggested to me, that this production’s problems lie more in directing than writing or even casting. A pity.