Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Things of Dry Hours

Portland Center Stage
January 26, 2005

Dry things, indeed. Tedious, too. I understood the scene, but kept waiting for the story, far less the point. My companion and I left at intermission, and we weren’t the only ones. Production elements were quite striking, yet inappropriate. I’m all for poetic theatre, but what was I missing here?


Anonymous said...

You were missing the second act. It's your right to walk out on a show you're not getting, but how can you then pass judgment on a play you didn't actually see? Shame on you.

Follow Spot said...

Indeed, my comments above reflected only what I saw – in this case only the first act, which I clearly spelled out in my original post. So, assuming you saw the entire play, which I hope some people did, then I humbly ask again, dear reader: what was I missing here?

Anonymous said...

The second act was painful to watch as well. When the story finally unfolded, it make you want to clinb up on stage and punch the actors for not doing their jobs. I'm not one for walking out on a play, because I would hate it if someone did that to me, but if there was any play I would walk out on it would be that one.