Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stay for the Cake

The Montgomery Street Players **Photo credit: Drew Foster**
October 30 - November 15, 2009

Review by peanutduck

A dedicated group of players with sharp comedic timing and the ability to traverse accents with ease; if only they were given something more than self-referential, self-deprecating playlets with which to flaunt their talents. Extended riffs on Shakespeare, Springsteen, and dramatic technique are initially funny – but aren't enough to sustain.


Anonymous said...

STAY FOR THE CAKE is a very funny, very witty show, and extremely professional in execution. Portland Actors' Conservatory is to be complimented if this is the general standard of its alumni (Montgomery Street Players is apparently a newly formed alumni group).

Anonymous said...

Now a Willamette Week PICK:

Brenda Morrison said...

Peanutduck misses the point (so what's new?) Everything about this production (apart from two guest artists coopted because of alumni illness) is made from scratch (like good cake), including the extremely clever and witty writing about the whole theatrical experience. This is not just actors flaunting talents in "playlets" (though yes, much talent is displayed, as P'Duck does, thankfully, admit).This is communal creating, original writing, directing, stage and production managing, costuming, doing sound, light,props AND acting, and thinking about that whole process. There are no "riffs." There is comedy, tragedy, singing, audience involvement, pantomime, history of the theater, fourth-wall issues...oh, peanutduck!How superficial you can be! For shame! And everyone involved puts his or her name to this communal experience, rather than hiding behind a cowardly pseudonym. The best critics sign their work, as do the best theater people. If they can show their vulnerability to you, why don't you dare express your opinion, by name, to them? Have you no respect?

peanutduck said...

I have very much respect for theatre, artists, and criticism, which is why comments that disagree with my reviews are usually posted.

As for anonymity, reviewers have always used handles, some more thinly veiled than others. It's the nature of this site and, actually, has been a practice since the beginnings of print criticism.