Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Ruby Sunrise

Theatre Vertigo **Photo credit: Elizabeth Eve**
September 11 - October 10, 2009

Review by peanutduck

Script strains unsuccessfully to place idealism story into larger historical context; heavy-handed misdirection shoves actors into one-dimensional girdles, relentlessly forces them to face audience and emote; tomboy Ruby’s costume glaringly tidy. Amidst this mess, Gary Norman and JR Wickman, hard-bitten television professionals, find honesty; great composition/sound design from Mark LaPierre.

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Anonymous said...

The script was by turns crackling and obvious, but this cast put a lot of life into it. Norman hilarious, Wickman nicely overwhelmed, Fletcher solid, Glazebrook just plain terrific. Look forward to seeing more of relative newcomer Megan Skye Hale. I loved the incidental music/sound design, too. Several Midwesterners in my company were highly puzzled by the dialects assigned to the Indiana characters, who sounded like back-country hicks but are said to be from the Kokomo and Indianapolis area, which are central-north, and favored for broadcasting because their relative lack of inflection. Very odd directing choice.