Saturday, July 18, 2009


El Frío Pelú Inc./Coarse Ground Productions
July 10 - 18, 2009

Review by peanutduck

Breaching by Bryce Flint-Somerville:
Two men trapped in a whale debate meaning of their womb-like existence. Understandably, little happens, but dialogue isn’t stimulating enough to hold interest, until final story about savage Orca. Eventually, one man, succumbing to despair, pursues death; however, journey leading to his inevitable decision isn’t clear, leaving play’s arc unfulfilled.

A Suicide Note from a Cockroach... by CarlosAlexis Cruz
Cockroach acrobats in orange jump suits scuttle across the stage to the accompaniment of accordions, engage in passionate, hilarious relationships, and die horrible, cockroach deaths; a thoroughly theatrical experience of Pedro Pierti’s poem. Due to sound distortion, I missed socio-political themes referenced in the beginning; read/listen to the poem first.

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