Monday, August 10, 2009

Define Naked

Define Naked
July 31 - August 15, 2009
Friday & Saturday, 9pm
Shoebox Theater
$10, 503-734-5649

Review by peanutduck

Erratic show outline, with sketches feeling incomplete, dangling, that traverses the brilliant and painfully annoying (prostate puppet theatre; incoherent, rambling voice messages). Brilliant and worth expanding: Cecily Overman’s 60-second embodiment of a baby surfacing from utero that concludes with uncanny imitation of first cry. Bizarre rubber duckie sketch another highlight.


Rusty said...

OMG, the Define Naked show was awful. It was kinda like they're still stuck in adolescence. I'm no prude and I like raunchy humor if it is sharp and witty, but this was just plain stupid and unfunny. To their credit, the two women showed some talent, but the material was seriously lacking. The non-raunchy skits were just as bad. I'm sure glad it was a 2 for one ticket night, because if we'd paid $10 each to see this, I'd be seriously perturbed. After vainly waiting for it to get better, we walked out after 35 or so minutes, leaving the farting elephant behind.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this show and found it irreverent, weird, fun. i guess we saw two different shows at the same time, i was tickled by the ridiculousness and inventiveness of the show, where as it seems you may have been in a bad mood. yes there's one scene that is an homage to fart jokes, but there's also pride in prejudice satire, absurd puppets, modern dance parodies, i recommend it.

jerry.davidson53 said...

I had a great time!