Saturday, May 02, 2009

Let your audience pick the (entire) season

Some companies play with this idea on a minor scale...but an entire season? Theatre Royal Stratford East introduces a unique audience-building scheme. Curious to see how this will play out. WWPD?

"Audiences will be able to choose both the productions which take place and “the pattern of the work” - meaning the season could feature three or four large shows, or several smaller ones. These could be revivals that have taken place at Stratford East, or elsewhere, or new works." The Stage...


Anonymous said...

broadway rose has been doing this for years now.
of course the ballots have no actual effect on the season, but it's a nice ploy.

Anonymous said...

Gary O'Brien, at the Oregon Stage Company (when thet were out at the Rock Creek Campus), did just such a thing back in the mid-nineties. He called it a "Season of Favorites" and had his audience pick their favorite Murder Mystery, their favorite Comedy, and their favorite Classical Piece. If I recall correctly he did THE MOUSETRAP, LAST OF THE RED HOT LOVERS, and AS YOU LIKE IT. It was the most successful season the company ever had.

Anonymous said...

i am just curious.
i noticed that i have seen 46 of the shows listed on this site for 08-09.
is this typical?
is this number high or low for the average poster on here?

Anonymous said...

this is meant for the thread regarding layoffs at PCS:

"PRETENTIOUS: making claims to importance or excellence"