Monday, May 25, 2009

Everyone Who Looks Like You

Hand2Mouth Theatre
May 14 - 30, 2009 **Extended**


The company members re-create, imitate and initiate the complexities of family life – of living and breathing with those who know you best and least. As this household moves through furious dances, ear-piercing fights, unlikely reconciliations and meditative storytelling, a picture of universal family life emerges from the raw and personal.


Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate H2M is performing at a venue so far out of downtown. Why is that? Surely there must be some available space downtown. I love H2M, but 82nd Ave is way out and will keep me from seeing this show. Please come back downtown.

james said...

if you'd like, it's a 20 minute MAX ride from downtown. and surely people on the eastside get to see some art too, yeah?

jeff woods said...

I must be a big theatre loser, because this is playing two miles from my house.

If only I lived closer to downtown, why then I'd be a real boy!


faith said...

I know everyone thinks it's so far away, but we've been rehearsing out there the last six months and it really isn't far at all. Try driving or taking the max out there, I bet you'll be surprised at how easy it is. AND you can eat some stellar pho before the show!

Jerry said...

Extended next Fri & Sat May 29-30 at 8pm!