Monday, March 16, 2009

Third Rail Repertory and Public Playhouse 2009 - 2010

Third Rail Repertory - A season of "firsts"
The Lying Kind by Anthony Neilson - A holiday show
American Buffalo by David Mamet - with guest director Daniel Stern
The Gray Sisters by Craig Wright - a commission

Public Playhouse - "A Time to Laugh"
Heros by Tom Stoppard
Tom Foolery - the words, music, and lyrics of Tom Lehrer, adapted by Cameron Mackintosh and Robin Ray
(holiday show TBA)


anomalight said...

As in The Wonder Years, Very Bad Things, City Slickers Daniel Stern?

followspot said...

The very same.

Anonymous said...

Tom Foolery! Wow, I never would have expected to see that in Portland. I wish more Lehrer songs were available at karaoke clubs in town . . . not that I need to see the words to sing 'em.