Monday, March 23, 2009

Justin Bond Rites of Spring

Hand2Mouth Theatre
March 25, 2009


A celebration in story and song of rebirth, regeneration and just plain old fashioned spring fever -and you know what that means... Combining cabaret, witchcraft, a punk attitude and neo-folk glamour this show promises tears, glitter and a rollicking good time! Opening the night is Faith Helma’s solo show, Undine.


Anonymous said...

Where is a listing for Holcomb Waller's show? Just went to see it last night and it was fantastic. It's at Imago. Two more shows: Saturday at 8 and Sunday at 2. Go see it!

la foi said...

I agree, Holcombe's show is lovely and funny and heartbreaking.

And Justin Bond absolutely kicked ass! What a force of nature. I feel so lucky to have seen both shows this week, they've been haunting me in different ways ever since.

followspot said...

I made a post for Holcombe Waller's show...