Monday, March 02, 2009

The Wiz

Stumptown Stages **Photo credit: Paul S. Fardig**
February 12 - March 1, 2009

Review by peanutduck (closing)

Like Kansas and Oz: Experience in polarity. At one end - Scarecrow (Quincy Hickson), Tinman (Jerrod Neal), Addaperle’s (Kamaria Wilson) vocals (among the best in town), fantastical costumes, sassy Jefferson Dancers; at the other, inconsistent ensemble, production values, sound system (but this is a new space for Stumptown), non-musical acting.

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Anonymous said...

I saw the show on opening night and I was very impressed by the performances of the tin-man, and Evilene. Glinda has a great voice as well and the dancing was very good, especially the advanced dancer who did the leap sequence during the tornado. Overall, though, the show lacked energy and especially VOCAL PRODUCTION. There were many lines I could not understand because they were mumbled and not projected clearly. This is not something that can be fixed by the tech crew, it is the actor's responsibility to project, not use the mic as a crutch, which is what I heard. There were also some mic problems which were very distracting. Get new mics!!! It's a good show already, but if those few problems were fixed it would be great.