Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Always...Patsy Cline

Broadway Rose
February 12 - March 15, 2009


Based on the true story of Patsy's friendship with housewife Louise Seger. Having first heard Patsy on the Arthur Godfrey Show in 1957, Louise became an avid fan. Eventually, the two women met and struck up a friendship that lasted until Cline's untimely death in a plane crash in 1963.


Anonymous said...

What's not to like?
Sara Catherine Wheatley is more beautiful and has a better voice than Patsy Cline (no disrespect intended -- Patsy was the best thing going in her time).
A perfect performance.
A great evening of theatre.
Worth every penny.
Get your ass in the car and go to this one.
They just added 2 more shows and Tigard ain't as far away as you think.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mrs. Wheatley I'm sure can sing wonderfully and is attractive, but to me, Nobody can outshine Patsy Cline.

Anonymous said...

well then don't go to this show, silly.
they are not selling tickets to see patsy cline, merely a show about her.
it is called T-H-E-A-T-R-E