Monday, February 16, 2009


Theatre Vertigo
January 23 - February 21, 2009


Hay fever season; in a courtroom a judge is popping antihistamines. He listens to the testimony of a Jewish chiropractor, who's a liar, according to his anti-Semitic defense attorney. The prosecutor, a homosexual, is having a domestic squabble with his lover, who shows up in court in a leopard-print thong.

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Anonymous said...

What? No comments about this show? It's wonderful!! Very funny, very irreverent, and so well acted. They have nailed the Mamet banter and rhythm! Not a week link. Judge....hysterical, love his build. And the bailiff, what a crack up! A part with a lot less dialogue, but not a small part. He has to get those few lines in with the current flow of Mamet's rhythm. He is listening to every second and doesn't miss a beat!!! Good Job Guys!!