Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Mercury's "Another Best of List"

"[H]ere's a hastily assembled and by no means comprehensive list of personal highlights from the last year" in theatre. The Mercury, continued...

Alison Hallett's categories include "Best Balls," "Best Argument for the Ongoing Relevance of Theater," and, even, "Best Snacks."

What do you think? Any personal categories you'd like to add to the list?


David Loftus said...

Geez, I would think NW Classical's chocolates and beer (not necessarily together) would win "Best Snacks" hands down with most people.

Greg Heaton said...

This is called filler.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying Tim True didn't DESERVE the award?

Anonymous said...

Here's some ideas;

Best New Venue - Broadway Rose and Curious Comedy (tie)
Best Lobby - ART (both of them!)
Best House Manager - Erica Bready/ NWCT
Best Posters - Third Rail
Best Postcards/Bookmarks - Profile
Best Marketing Photos - 3rd Floor
Best Web Site - CoHo
Best Theater Name - Blue Monkey and Tears of Joy (tie)
Best Ticketing Guru - Spike at Ticket Turtle
Best Comeback - PATA
Best Critic - Richard Wattenberg at The Oregonian
Best Volunteer - Patty Blodgett at everywhere but mostly Lakewood
Best Angel/ Donor - Ellen Bye for the new theater at PCS
Best Follow Spot Blogger - Anonymous

Any other suggestions?
Happy New Years Portland Theater!

Anonymous said...

> Best Follow Spot Blogger - Anonymous

Which one?

Or is this a collective award?