Monday, December 29, 2008

Intern Showcase

Blue Monkey Theater
January 4, 2009 (Rescheduled)
7:00pm, Curious Comedy
5225 NE MLK Blvd


Blue Monkey Intern Showcase. Half improv, half short plays by local playwrights, including Francesca Sanders, Ciji Guerin, Eugenia Woods, Brian Allard, Heather Andrews, Kendall Auel and Ellen Kesend. Pay What You Will, $5 minimum. Rumor has it that these kids are very good. Check ‘em out.


Steven said...

I saw this last year, and if this year's group are as good as last year's, this will be quite the treat!

See you there!

Blue Monkey said...

Moved to tonight!

See you there!

Blue Monkey said...

Postponed. Again.

Darn weather.

Blue Monkey said...

Moved! Again!

But we mean it this time.

Come see this show on Sunday the 4th at Curious Comedy. 5225 NE Martin Luther King Blvd. 7:00.