Monday, November 17, 2008

Meet Your _______ !

Super Project Lab
October 18 - November 22, 2008


Super Project Lab's long-form improv show Meet Your ____! collides truth with fiction when special guests from the Portland community share true, unrehearsed stories from their lives. Their anecdotes serve as inspirational fodder for each evening's session of compelling scenes, created on the fly by SPL’s team of improv experts.

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Chris Murray said...

Guests include:

- Ted Douglas, ‘3rd Floor’
- Gwenn Seemel, Portrait Artist
- Scott Allie, Senior Editor, ‘Dark Horse Comics’
- Kevin-Michael Moore, Stand Up Comic
- Sarah Dougher, ‘Rock ‘n Roll Camp for Girls’ organizer
- Jami Curl, Owner ‘St. Cupcake’
- Mark Wiener, Political Strategist
- Daria O’Neill, Radio Host
- Marc Acito, Novelist
- Scott Poole, Poet