Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jen Raynak: Playing with Sound

Interview by Followspot

Jen Raynak: Resident sound designer for Third Rail Repertory, current Board President of the Portland Area Theatre Alliance, and winner of four Drammys for Outstanding Sound Design. Former resident sound designer for Portland Center Stage and former member of the Drammy Committee. But that’s only part of it.

What this interview lacks is the sound of Jen’s infectious laughter, which rang throughout our meeting. Easy to laugh and with seemingly infinite reserves of energy, Jen has little patience for negativity but manages to use her Let’s put on a play! attitude to find the positive in my-theatre-just-exploded situations.

I have a longstanding admiration of Jen, which is why this interview is rather unwieldy. It’s divided into two sections,
From the Beginning & The Creative Process, which covers the early years of making four-track recordings to designing Grace; and PATA President & Bits of Color, which covers her thus far four-and-a-half year term with PATA and includes some fun random tidbits.

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G said...

In addition to being a *very* kind and supportive artist, Jen's a pretty damn good pool player.

...but I did get that one good bank shot last summer... :P

- G