Monday, August 11, 2008

Nite Club Confidential

Broadway Rose
August 8 - 17, 2008


Three shots. Sirens. A body sprawled on the stairs. And a woman in an evening gown with a smoking gun… The stylish musical comedy spoof Nite Club Confidential crosses the 1950 film noir classic “Sunset Boulevard” with an evening at the Copacabana and mixes in a whole lot of camp.


Matt said...

Saw the preview last night, and certainly had fun! Its not a story that I'll remember forever (Nor the music for that matter), but it was still very cute. Acting and singing was top-notch. I was especially impressed by the fellow who played Mitch. Great job Broadway Rose!

Anonymous said...

great direction, great voices, in fact flawless. great set.
in fact i don't think you could see a better production of this script --- which is a terrible waste of time.
no one can be faulted here except the authors of this complete and utter vapid nothing and the person who chose to mount it.
but my gosh, the talent was superb.

Anonymous said...

you know that's a really interesting point.
this season brtc produced les mis, one of the great pieces of all time, and completely missed the mark. then they do outstanding productions of two shows that should never, ever see the light of day.
at first glance it certainly indicates they have more aptitude for comedy.
maybe that's true, though i seem to recall that jekyll and hyde was well received.
anyway, they need to pick better shows if they want us to keep coming back.
great talent is not enough. you have to have a meanigful (in some way) experience to justify the ticket price and the hours you invest in the (usually) too warm theatre.
there is plenty of good material out there, let's see if you can't find some of it.
(and they keep losing shows to other theatres: 3 that i have heard of are little shop of horrors, guys and dolls and the producers --- all booked by them and lost for some reason.
and all, by the way, great material ---- maybe they need to hire someone to book this stuff a little earlier --- like, i dunno, 2years in advance? --- anything to avoid pieces like dames and nite club!

Anonymous said...

Why are you talking to yourself?

Anonymous said...

To Anon11:18

On the other hand, maybe they know their target audience extremely well -- and you just don't happen to be their target audience.

Seems to me they are doing good biz down there, so they must be doing something right.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure why everyone is so upset with Broadway Rose's choice of shows. I have seen all three of their productions this summer and thought that the latter two "bad choices" were the better shows. Sometimes theatre isn't about anything but taking the time to escape from the every day stress and letting yourself laugh outloud. The audience seemed to enjoy the show and Nite Club is obviously a show that is poking fun at itself, just like Dames. I think all shows have their place and saying that shows like Dames and Nite Club should "never ever see the light of day" really isn't fair. They are as much a part of what shapes musical theatre as a piece like Les Mis. I do believe that Broadway Rose does quality work, and if anyone thinks that they are making poor choices it definitely isn't the folks who continue to fill up a 600 seat house.

David Loftus said...

>I think all shows have their place and saying that
> shows like Dames and Nite Club should "never
> ever see the light of day" really isn't fair.

Unless, of course, you also subscribe to the notion that some potential audiences should never ever see the inside of a theater.

Anonymous said...

"if anyone thinks that they are making poor choices it definitely isn't the folks who continue to fill up a 600 seat house."

well since the average age of the brtc audience is around 108, give or take a few years, i am pretty sure they don't contribute to followspot.
in that event, let us take it seriously that the choice of shows needs to be something audiences want to see.
while some posters think all shows have value, i do not.
if you want to see your audience base drift away, continue to choose lame shows.

as for the person who said:

"Why are you talking to yourself?"

what the hell does that even mean?

Anonymous said...

perhaps this is a gross exptrapolation, but it seems likely to me that given the age of the tigard audiences, they want to see either shows that were hits in their youth, or the latest nyc has to offer (that way they don't have to go there in person)
what they don't want to see is something they have never heard of,
and in my opinion, nite lcub confidential falls into that category.

Jamie said...

To nay-sayers:
Did you attend the final Saturday performance? They received a standing O... from those who were physically able stand comfortably. This show has been extremely well-received by BRTC's audience, and frankly I'm glad Nite Club was put up in Tigard.

The cast was Superb, each of them a gem. I can't wait to see more of Sara Catherine, and I hope Cherie fins her way back to Portland soon!
The men were also delightful, hopefully the two New Yorkers work here again. Plus, Andrew Foster was a real killer in that solo number!

As for the hot auditorium, they would like to find the budget for some better installed ventilation and air conditioning, but recently the school had to compensate for the water damage, as well as install a capable sound system.

Jeff said...

Of course they received a standing O: this is Portland, that's what we do...

Anonymous said...

Wow....certainly varied and opinionated folk out there! Let me just say first of all I resent the senior bashing. I am not a senior...yet but God I hope I still have the energy and wit to go see live theatre when I do hit those golden years. We all know that the 20 somethings are not attending theatre en mase but blogging there way through life and texting hours on end. An exaggeration of course but has my point been made!!! Yeah for Broadway Rose for taking some chances and putting some out there shows up. I loved Nite Club. Stylish, gorgeous, great tunes and amazing talent. I hope all BRTC's houses are full!!! Senior or young

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Cherie Price and Andrew W Foster for your well deserved PAMTA nominations!