Monday, August 25, 2008

The Servant of Two Masters

Masque Alfresco
July 25 - August 30, 2008


The Servant of Two Masters features a double pair of star-crossed lovers, an wily con-artist servant, a woman masquerading as her dead brother, hilariously out-of-touch old men, and flying rubber chickens. Performed in commedia dell'arte tradition with colorful period costumes, all the slapstick you'd care to shake a shtick at.


Anonymous said...

Saw it tonight and it was wonderfully entertaining. Most of the actors had lots of energy and I never noticed the hour and a half flew by. Lots of political and current events satire. Terry Lybecker as Truffaldino and Kate Mura as Beatrice were especially fun to watch. The best part, besides sitting outdoors on a beautiful night, is that it's free. check their website,, for details.

desertlillie said...

Hello, this is not a comment on your performances which I have never seen. It is instead, a question for Terry Lybecker. Are you from Topeka, Kansas? If so, then maybe you might have a younger sister that had a friend she spent a lot of time with during her elementary school years that she played Barbie with in a big old sycamore tree behind your house.
This friend walked to your house a lot. She walked home from school every day and your house was on the way to hers. I was that friend and I would like to be in touch with Susan again, if possible.
Thank You

Terry said...

Desertlillie, This is Susan, you can e-mail me at or I am here at my brother's house this weekend and he just told me about your post. Boy, I used to climb a lot of trees back in Topeka, I am trying to figure out who you are. I look forward to hearing back from you!