Monday, August 25, 2008


Portland Ensemble Theatre Co.
July 31 - August 31, 2008

Review by Thursday

A two-act play retrospectively told by the characters about their high school friendship. Fun and funny, with beautifully supportive designs and talented actors. Although script could use another rewrite to flesh out the nature of narration in Pylon, the play as a whole is articulate, engaging, and resonates with viewers.


Anonymous said...

Here is a review from the Portland Tribune! This is show that you shouldn't miss - the energy of the actors and company is so refreshing and I am excited to welcome this warm group to the northwest! Congrats to the young playwright on this world wide premiere!

Pam said...

When my nephew gradated in May, I gave him a big packet of colorful notices about all the theatre, dance, art and music coming to town this summer.

He chose "Pylon," and I thought "Oh God," and said "Okay," and figured out how to get to the theatre.

Where we had the best damned afternoon I've had in a long time. Last Sunday the front rows were packed with what looked like a contingent from Elderhostel, and there were some young people in the middle, and my nephew and I in the back, watching intently. I have a good friend in Manhattan who says "There IS no life after high school." He could be right: everyone in the house was laughing at the same stuff with the same kind of recognition.

Pylon is a terrific play -- fast, and funny and serious by turns-- that manages to cover a lot of ground in 90 minutes that felt more like 30.

I wish this production continued success!

Anonymous said...

Just like the characters in the play, I fell in love with Brooke Fletcher during this play.

Jill said...

A magical perfect theatre experience in every way. The play was great, the actors were great and each technical thing (lights, sound etc) seemed right on.

My husband (Grandfather of 4) was very moved by the portray of the boys/men relationships with each other. He thought it was very real to his memories of high school friendships.