Monday, July 28, 2008

Man to Man

The Kelman Group
July 18 - August 2, 2008

Review by peanutduck

Story compels – in wartime, a woman switches gender in order to survive. At its best, text is poetic, playful, affecting. But text, along with time, place, POV are just as often unclear. Taru’s physical definition is strong but husky monotone makes character transitions difficult to track. Left bewildered and disappointed.


Michael said...

i have not yet seen this show, but i want to make certain that our theatre community knows this company is based overseas and was formed under the influence of Portland's own late, great artist and teacher Scott Kelman, and they're now bringing this work here to where he spent his last years. We didn't necessarily support scott's work with the support and attention he deserved all the time here, but this is a reminder that a batch of artists, and young people and companies, our own included, were informed and touched by this passionate and unique mentor. I hope the work is strong. But regardless, I'll go see it to see how Scott's voice echoed far away from where he called home. He is missed.
michael rohd
sojourn theatre

Teresa said...

I thought this was a significant performance of a difficult piece. I do think some clarity was lost which I think may have been result of translation issues, however I found Taru fascinating, her connection to the audience was very real and powerful. I found some elements confusing, but was willing to overlook that because I found the story compelling. I look very much forward to seeing her on stage again. If we're lucky enough here in Portland.