Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Jewish American Princesses Show (2nd Run)

Triangle Productions
June 19 - July 19, 2008


Wendy Westerwelle (of Soph! and Angry Housewives fame) as well as Francine Raften (of radio/tv fame) are starring in a night of comedy. They tell jokes, the give us tips on being Jewish and they will make you laugh! These girls will certainly entertain you! We are excited about this show.

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Anonymous said...

If you were not Jewish and/or were not familiar with Yiddish, some of this would be have been hard to follow. It was based on a certain kind of stereotypical east-coast Jewish woman. Most of the jokes presented Jewish women as greedy, sex-averse, and without style or taste. Raised the old question of whether it is OK to tell racist or misogynistic jokes if you are a member of the class being mocked. The actresses worked very hard and were well-intentioned, but somehow it felt kind of heavy-handed, and after a bit I didn't feel like laughing.