Monday, May 26, 2008

Robin Hood

Blue Monkey Theater
May 9 - June 8, 2008


Sword fights! More sword fights! Get whisked away to Sherwood Forest for this swashbuckling adventure comedy filled with youthful energy, daring-do and a hip, whimsical sensibility, as Robin (Kendall Wells) and his Merry Men join a surprisingly liberated Maid Marian (Kristen Martz) to outwit the Sheriff of Nottingham (Corey Brunish).


Anonymous said...

blue monkey show?

Let the games begin.

Anonymous said...

Why does Corey as the Sheriff make absolutely *perfect* casting sense to me? :P

- G

dian said...

what a wonderful, delightful, exciting show. this is educational theatre at it's finest. the integration of professionals and students was finely balanced. brian has done a great job at creating a show that is entertaining for adults as well as older children and young adults. characters are well drawn and engaging, never taking themselves too seriously. justin mark is a great talent for his age and his will is a great match to kendall wells' robin. the fight choreography is especially engaging to watch, well designed and executed. and mr brunish is so wonderful to watch dueling with these young men. worth the price of admission right there!! congrats to the entire cast for their commitment and presence.

Anonymous said...

interesting that this show has received so little comments on this site.

it is a blue monkey show after all, I'd gotten used to some uproar.

Anonymous said...

You would have never have guessed that the cast were American if you didn't know that already. The accents were spot on. I tip my hat to the dialect coach!

niscus said...

A perfectly charming show. Peppers's Bishop and Young's Queen Eleanor were precise and hilarious. Robertson's King John was beautifully dry. Wells's Robin Hood made me feel 15 again- i a good way. The only thing that pulled me out of an otherwise engaging experience was the stream of chatter trickling in from the green-room.