Monday, June 09, 2008

Much Ado About Nothing

Northwest Classical Theatre Co.
May 23 - June 15, 2008


Through their deadly wits, Beatrice and Benedick bring to life the strategies, impulses, and hilarious consequences of their all too human love. Set in 1960’s Messina, it's "La Dolce Vida" as jet setters Don Pedro and Count Claudio ramp up the amorous intrigue with provincial cousins Don Leonato and Hero.


t said...

this company just keeps pumping shows out don't they? do they ever take a break?

Anonymous said...

i believe it runs until the 15th, not the 1st.

T. Austin said...

For the record.

Though a spirited advocate against art 'pumping' and its averse effects on the craft, this remark was not mine.

I've not see the show and so have no opinion on the matter.
You have me confused for another 't'.

Nor have I been wearing red and blue spandex in the last month. So, keep me clear of those rumors also.

Thank you.



Anonymous said...

I don't think the first 't' was making a comment about the quality of the shows as much as they were about the volume of work that nw classical theater puts out in a single season. I haven't seen this show either so I don't know if it's any good or not and whether or not this 'pumping' has any 'averse effects on the craft'.

nactor said...

Shouldn't somebody go see it?

danlshw said...

please do. so far, the complaints have been minimal.

(btw- reso's are goin' fast)

Anonymous said...

well, that's damning with faint praise, danlshw. Nothing makes me want to rush to the theater like hearing that "complaints have been minimal."

danlshw said...

Oh? Is that what it is? Sheesh! I thought it was jocularly modest understatement. Let me re-phrase that then to better suit your sense of humor.

NWCTC's MUCH ADO is the best production of the play since 1604, and very possibly better.

Does that get you more in the mood? whoever you are?

Anonymous said...

kinda like "doesn't suck that bad"

Anonymous said...

I saw the show last weekend and it really was very very good. I think that danlshw really is being modest. anonymous who is bashing the comment should get a life and go see it.

Anonymous said...

i don't think that anyone's bashing the show. at least not the way i've read the comments. i think that people were poking fun at danlshw's wording "the complaints have been minimal" as a selling point for the show. ya gotta admit that it's not the best way to go about marketing your theater.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone reading this thread really conceive of followspot as a marketing venue?

A - virtually no-one but us venal theatre types read it (not a potent market force) and B - many of us seem to be far more interested in critizing insignificant details in the posts than supporting each other's work.

notable exceptions only prove the rule.

It reminds me of the old "crabs in a bucket" thing.

This is all too human of course. But, maybe if we in the theatre community could curb our appetite for pettiness and start spreading the love a bit more the result could be a general step up in, if not the quality of the work, at least the tone of threads like these.

I mean wouldn't it be great if we were talking show and not chewing crow?

Chris Murray said...

The above comment was awesome, if you are going to producing comments of that awesominity, feel free to avoid being "anonymous". There are too many jerkfaced haters who already share that moniker.

celt said...

does anybody know if it's good? anybody seen it?

Jeremy Lillie said...

Good script, deft direction from Dan Shaw and (from Beatrice to Balthazar) the strongest cast I've seen at NWClassical.
In praising few I run the risk of diminishing others. I've come to expect strong performances from the NWClassical regulars and they do not dissapoint. Standing out in particular is Rachael Erickson's Beatrice, a character I didn't think I could be emotionally invested in. She proved me wrong.

Also outstanding on stage, the debauched threesome of Liz Young, Mary Erwin and Phil Meyer. They will have their fun regardless of the consequences. Chris Porter's Leanato, strong as always; Nathan Carlson's Claudio, giving a Jude Law like vibe appropriate to a difficult romantic lead. Greg Heaton must have played 7 characters in addition to filling in for Antonio on the night I saw it(Tom Walton's Don Pedro being absent that night).

Sure, it's not the Maggie Smith/Robert Stephens 1967 production, but it is ably crafted and performed with a nice little conceptional twist. I was amazed that the house was only half full on the Friday I saw it. For Pete's sake, go see it! One week left. I'm also looking forward to their "Troilus & Cressida" this July at Woodlawn park.

Disclaimer: I'm not involved with the company, but I am a fan and I have several friends in the cast. I originally went to see Portland newcomers Misters Meyer and Heaton as they will be the titular Gentlemen of Verona in PAE's parks production this Summer (the company I AM involved with). Needless to say, after watching this, I'm quite happy with the choices.