Tuesday, June 10, 2008

29th Annual Drammy Awards

The Drammys
June 9, 2008 at the Crystal Ballroom

A great summary of the evening and awardees:


Anonymous said...

The Current Season link on the drammy.info website lists *no* productions as reviewed this season. Wonder if they'll get that updated before the awards are handed out?

Anonymous said...

Hey Followspot, the link to the drammy website at the top of this posting is incorrect. Should be "drammy.info", not "drammys.info".

followspot said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

If you look under previous seasons and then click on 2006-2007 season there is a list of last season's winners. At the bottom of that is a list of reviewed shows.
For some reason this includes some of the 07-08 season shows(including shows featured in the slide show on the home page), such as Ragtime, Oklahoma, Henry V and Tango to name a few.
I know some of the shows listed were later in last year and so were not concidered as part of last year's eligible shows.
I assume this is a mistake and some of the shows on that list are shows that will be up for awards this year.

Anonymous said...

My picks for outstanding achievement based on what I was able to see.

Supporting Actress
Val Landrum - Street Car Named
Maureen Porter - House
Vana O'Brien - Rabbit Hole

Supporting Actor
Chris Harder - Shining City
Michael O'Connell - Shining City
Kurt Conroyd - Mariela in the Desert
David Sikking - Mariela in the Desert
Duffy Epstein - Rabbit Hole

Actor in a Musical
Wade McCullom - Cabaret

Actress in a Musical
Susannah Mars - Mars on Life

Luisa Sermol - 9 Parts of Desire
Olga Sanchez - Mariela in the Desert
Trisha Todd - House of Blue Leaves

Ted Roisum - House of Blue Leaves
Bruce Burkhartsmeir - Shining City

Rose Riordan - Doubt
Antonio Sonera - Mariela in the Desert
Scott Yarbrough - Shining City

Long Christmas Ride Home
Theatre Vertigo

Sojourn Theatre

Original Dance Theatre Production
Oya: Call of the Storm - Rebecca Martinez - Miracle Theatre

Ghosts of Celilo
Artists Repertory Theatre

Mariela in the Desert
Miracle Theatre

House of Blue Leaves
Profile Theatre

Candor said...

thanks for sharing
hope the Drammy committee has seen more than you

Anonymous said...

agreed candor but the drammy committee unfortunately rarely ever surprises me with their picks

Anonymous said...

Um...were there any show on this blog that got more praise this season than Les Miserables and The Wild Party ?

I think they both ought to be up there for something. Most likely not production, but something for sure.

Les Miz was one of the best shows of the year by far. Almost everybody who saw Les Mis was extremely moved. I know my entire party cried.

And what about The Wild Party? Erin Charles was top-notch, and Todd Hermanson was great. Fantastic music, and what great charisma amongst the cast!

Finally, how can you call Ghosts of Celio the best production? I believe there were much more touching, outstanding shows this year. Given, it was a ground-breaking piece, but there were only 3 good songs.

But a good list nonetheless.

jeff said...

I believe there were much more touching, outstanding shows this year.

Sure, and maybe you saw them, but Anonymous 6:14 clearly said "based on what I was able to see".


Big meanie said...

Oh, my. Les Mis was moving indeed - and an earnest effort on the part of the KIDS that performed it. KIDS. Amazingly talented and committed KIDS, who deserve every bit of praise they have gotten. But it was what it was - a youth production. Best youth production I've seen in Portland. If there were a youth production category, they'd be a shoo-in. But you can't put what they did on a par with professional theatre - at least not unless you are a friend, relative or cast member.

Other elements of the show, for instance, were unremarkable. Direction consisted of overwrought line-spitting, staging was pretty much all massive crowds moving up and downstage. Lighting was dim and rarely changed. Scenery was legged platforms.

Stop filling these remarkable kids' heads with the notion that they have "arrived" and their show was "the best thing in town". It was the best youth theatre show around, for sure.

followspot said...

Followspot respectfully disagrees.

And Followspot is neither friend, relative, nor cast member.

Les Mis was in the top 5 shows this year. Not top 5 youth shows, top 5 shows.

Anonymous said...

"big meanie"-
I am not a friend, relative, or cast member, but I do believe that the Les Miserables production should be recognized as "outstanding" in some regard.

I've been watching PDX theatre since I moved here (2004), and it was one of just three shows I've shead a tear at (only one singe, manly tear...I promise).

I agree that the "production elements" were not up to par with most pro theatre, but I believe that many of the performances were.

Not the best show of the year, but one of them in my opinion.

p.s. Doesn't the Drammy committee say one thier website that they can create or take away award catagories? Is it in their power to make one? I've seen some GREAT youth shows in Portland over the years, and always wondered why there isn't a catagory for one in the Drammys. Thoughts anybody?

Anonymous said...

And it wasn't even a youth show in the first place. There were members in that cast that are in college. It's true these kiddos minds are filled with the notion that there show was one of the best yet. But eh, what can ya do? It was decent. There is a Drammy Award for best young performer, I guess one of them could take that.

Anonymous said...

let's not forget columbinus now...

Anonymous said...

Let's give it a rest now. It was a fantastic show, we all know it.

If you want to talk about Les Mis, I think the thread is still up. Besides, they are nominated for Ensemble Cast in the new PAMTA's. That's evidence of them being impressive enough for an award nominee.

Back to the Drammys: it's hard for me to pick the best production award. There were lots of great shows, but there really isn't 1 clear winner. Guess that's what's good about the "outstanding" title, instead of "best."

Anonymous said...

The Portland Area Musical Theatre Awards
Nominations for PAMTAs for the 2007-2008 Season

Supporting Actor
Eugene Blackmon Dreamgirls Stumptown Stages
Kam Sisco Zombie Prom Teater (Without an H)
Todd Tschida Floyd Collins Stumptown Stages
Tyler J. Caffal Floyd Collins Stumptown Stages
James Peppers Grease Stumptown Stages
Corey Brunish The Ghosts of Celilo Artists Repertory Theatre,
Youth Resources Inc.

Supporting Actress
Jennifer Auer The Full Monty Lakewood
Michele Mariana Cabaret Portland Center Stage
Kristi Foster Beauty and the Beast Northwest Children's Theatre
Melanie Shaw Cinderella Blue Monkey
Amy Jo Arrington The Ghosts of Celilo Artists Repertory Theatre, Youth Resources Inc.
Stephanie Hueston The Mystery of Edwin Drood Lakewood Theatre

Joe Theissen No Way To Treat a Lady Broadway Rose
Daniel Lee Robbins Singing in the Rain Broadway Rose
Bruce Blanchard Secret Garden Staged!
Joey LeBard Blood Brothers Arts Equity
Noah Hunt The Ghosts of Celilo Artists Repertory Theatre, Youth Resources Inc.
Kevin Michael-Moore The Ghosts of Celilo Artists Repertory Theatre, Youth Resources Inc.
Corey Brunish Beauty and the Beast Northwest Children's Theatre
David Cole Einstein is a Dummy Oregons Children's Theatre
Todd Hermanson Wild Party Live on Stage
Dale Johannes The Last Five Years Stumptown Stages

Julianne R Johnson-Weiss Dreamgirls Stumptown Stages
Storm Large Cabaret Portland Center Stage
Adair Chappell No Way to Treat a Lady Broadway Rose
Stella Riceter Das Barbecu Third Eye
Kelly Stewart Thoroughly Modern Millie Lakewood
Chenoa Egawa The Ghosts of Celilo Artists Repertory Theatre, Youth Resources Inc.
Erin Charles Wild Party Live on Stage
Sara Catherine Wheatley The Last Five Years Stumptown Stages

Ensemble Performance
Les Miserables Staged!
Go Dog Go! Northwest Children's Theatre
Cabaret Portland Center Stage
Floyd Collins Stumptown Stages
Ghosts of Celilo Artists Repertory Theatre, Youth Resources Inc.

Abe Reybold No Way to Treat a Lady Broadway Rose
Greg Tamblyn The Ghosts of Celilo Artists Repertory Theatre, Youth Resources Inc.
Barbara Kite Tangoing with Tornados Self-Enhancement Inc.
Sarah Jane Hardy Secret Garden Staged!
Ron Daum The Mystery of Edwin Drood Lakewood Theatre
John Oules Wild Party Live on Stage
Kirk Mouser The Last Five Years Stumptown Stages

Joel Farrell Cabaret Portland Center Stage
Stephanie Anderson Zombie Prom Teater (Without an H)
Amy Palomino A Christmas Carol Portland Center Stage
Robert Guitron Wild Party Live on Stage

Cabaret Portland Center Stage
The Ghosts of Celilo Artists Repertory Theatre and Youth Resources Inc.
Secret Garden Staged!
Wild Party Live on Stage

Musical Director
Ben Van Diepen The Last Five Years Stumptown Stages
Rick Lewis Cabaret Portland Center Stage
Alan D. Lytle Secret Garden Staged!
Mel Kubik The Ghosts of Celilo Artists Repertory Theatre, Youth Resources Inc.
Rodolfo Ortega Beauty and the Beast Northwest Children's Theatre
Darcy White Wild Party Live on Stage

Young Performer
Rebecca McDade Les Miserables Staged!
Lea Claire Zawada Go Dog Go! Northwest Children's Theatre

Costume Designer
Mary Rochon Go Dog Go! Northwest Children's Theatre
Ashley Wase Dreamgirls Stumptown Stages
Mary Rochon Beauty and the Beast Northwest Children's Theatre
Mary Rochon Secret Garden Staged!
Margaret Louise Chapman The Ghosts of Celilo Artists Repertory Theatre, Youth Resources Inc.
Lindsay Kleinman The Mystery of Edwin Drood Lakewood Theatre

Set Designer
Sean O'Skea No Way To Treat a Lady Broadway Rose
William Trip Beauty and the Beast Northwest Children's Theatre
Glenn Gauer The Ghosts of Celilo Artists Repertory Theatre, Youth Resources Inc.
Jeff Seats Cole Broadway Rose
Glenn Gauer Ghosts of Treasure Island Oregon Children's Theatre

Light Designer
Daniel Ordower Cabaret Portland Center Stage
Daniel Ordower A Christmas Carol Portland Center Stage
Gene Dent The Ghosts of Celilo Artists Repertory Theatre, Youth Resources Inc.
Jeff Forbes Cole Broadway Rose

Sound Designer
Daniel Hallberg The Full Monty Lakewood
Gordon Romei Dreamgirls Stumptown Stages
Daniel Hallberg Singing in the Rain Broadway Rose
Sam Kusnetz Secret Garden Staged!
Pete Plympton, Duane Rodakowski, Cal Scott The Ghosts of Celilo Artists Repertory Theatre, Youth Resources Inc.

Original Musical
Tonya and Nancy the Rock Opera Triangle Productions
Libretto Elizabeth Searle
Music Michael Teoli
Adaptation Donald Horn and Elizabeth Searle
Additional Music Abigail Al-Doory Cross

The Ghosts of Celilo Artists Repertory Theatre, Youth Resources Inc.
Lyrics Marv Ross
Music Marv Ross, Chenoa Egawa, Mel Kubik, Arlie Neskahi

Holly Jolly Holiday Hullabaloo Integrity Productions
Greg Paul and Kim Bogus

Too Much Coffee Man, The Refill Portland Center for the Performing Arts
Music Daniel Steven Crafts
Words Shannon Wheeler, Damian Willcox, Carolyn Main

Original Song
Three and a Half Minutes, Tonya and Nancy the Rock Opera Triangle Productions
Libretto Elizabeth Searle
Music Michael Teoli
Adaptation Donald Horn and Elizabeth Searle
Additional Music Abigail Al-Doory Cross

Fish Truck, The Ghosts of Celilo Artists Repertory Theatre, Youth Resources Inc.
Lyrics Marv Ross
Music Marv Ross

God's Work, The Ghosts of Celilo Artists Repertory Theatre, Youth Resources Inc.
Lyrics Marv Ross
Music Marv Ross

Could I Love The Man He'll Be Someday, The Ghosts of Celilo Artists Repertory Theatre, Youth Resources Inc.
Lyrics Marv Ross
Music Marv Ross

This Dam, The Ghosts of Celilo Artists Repertory Theatre, Youth Resources Inc.
Lyrics Marv Ross
Music Marv Ross

I Can't Find My Way Back Home, Holly Jolly Holiday Hullabaloo Integrity Productions
Music and Lyrics Greg Paul

The Marriage Aria, Too Much Coffee Man, The Refill Portland Center for the Performing Arts
Music Daniel Steven Crafts
Words Shannon Wheeler, Damian Willcox, Carolyn Main

Original Score
The Ghosts of Celilo Artists Repertory Theatre, Youth Resources Inc.
Marv Ross, Chenoa Egawa, Mel Kubik, Arlie Neskahi

Holly Jolly Holiday Hullabaloo Integrity Productions
Greg Paul

Tangoing with Tornados Self-Enhancement Inc
Daniel Cruthers

Too Much Coffee Man, The Refill Portland Center for the Performing Arts
Music Daniel Steven Crafts

JOIN US JUNE 23rd at 7 PM
at the Winningstad Theatre for the awards ceremony!

Please send any corrections to us at pamta@puflet.com

Anonymous said...

The Portland Area Musical Theatre Awards
The Mission
To recognize outstanding achievements in the performance of musical theatre in Portland and the surrounding area.
The Committee
The eleven members are anonymous, even to one another. This way members cannot be influenced by performers, designers, theatre companies or even each other. Opinions cannot be swayed at meetings because there are none. Voting is done by secret ballot. All members must see all productions. Members pay for all tickets. No member of the committee is active in the theatre community. Care has been taken to assure that committee members do not have family or friends in the theatre community.
Committee members must be at least 18 years of age and possess an unbridled enthusiasm for the musical theatre. Candidates are offered positions on the committee if they are judged to be observant, knowledgable, passionate and above all, unbiased.
The Awards
Original glass and metal trophies will be presented at the Delores Winningstad Theatre in the Portland Center for the Performing Arts at 7 pm on June 23rd, 2008.
The nominations will be announced in late May.
The categories include:
Outstanding Male Actor in a Lead Role
Outstanding Female Actor in a Lead Role
Outstanding Male Actor in a Supporting Role
Outstanding Female Actor in a Supporting Role
Outstanding Ensemble
Outstanding Young Performer
Outstanding Director
Outstanding Choreographer
Outstanding Musical Director
Outstanding Costume Designer
Outstanding Set Designer
Outstanding Light Designer
Outstanding Sound Designer
Outstanding Production
Best Original Musical
Best Original Song
Best Original Score

See you at the PAMTA'S! (PAM tuhz)

Questions or comments may be directed to pamta@puflet.com

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmmm....thought this posting was about the Drammy Awards shouldn't PAMTA be saved for another time. No one has yet given an opinion of theatre that wasn't a musical...Les Mis and Wild Party? Are you kidding me? Surely the folks in here have seen more than those two shows. And to go on about Les Mis...which was okay by the way...is ridiculous.

What did you see that you think has a chance to receive an award? Name shows and people!

Anonymous said...

This post is supposed to be about the drammy awards...thats nice that somebody made up some musical award show...but lets stick to the topic, eh?

Anonymous said...

With respect to the new, secrective, not advertised PAMTAS: Who is this? Who chooses these anonmymous, not-active-in-the-theatre-community committee folks who do the nominating? What are their qualifications? Do they know anything about musical theatre beyond liking it. These are the most bizarre nominations. I shake my head at many of them, and I am truly puzzled by many brilliant performers/shows that do not appear on the list of nominations. I guess if some can't earn awards the old-fashioned way, they create a committee and find a way to give awards to themselves.

followspot said...

A new posting area has been created for the PAMTA discussion.

Anonymous said...

The Drammys are ludicrous enough Now we have another popularity contest in town?
When will it end?
Perhaps the PAMTAS can have their own site?
Also give Les Miz it's own category
it WAS the school(KIDS)production
Staged! was not licensed to do the full scale production that Broadway Rose will do this summer.

Anonymous said...

I've always been a bit puzzled about this:

Is the "outstanding production" given at the Drammys an award for best show, or for best production in terms of production elements? Or is it "overall production?"

For instance, I think there were some shows that had great production elements that lacked stunning performances, and some that had great performances with mediocre production elements.

Can anybody tell me?

Darn you, anonymous and secretive people! rrr! Snark! I'm more enlightened and I have all the answers so people should just ask my advice before they try anything new! rrr! said...

anon 4:50 -

Your message made me laugh as I glanced up to see who was moaning about being secretive. . . lo and behold, an anonymous poster.

True - this post is about the Drammys - I'm all about staying on topic. But why so harsh on the PAMTAS? Let them do their thing - no need to be so negative. Sheesh, so many tender egos on this blog. So many who seem to derive self-satisfaction from snarking at things that don't deserve to be snarked at. Ease up.

Anonymous said...

i shake my head every yr at the inclusions and exclusions of the drammys.
that's why i don't go anymore.
whoever 4:50 pm is, their beef with the pamtas is totally unjustified.
all awards are flawed and always will be -- so just realx and enjoy.
take a chill pill dude!

Anonymous said...

the drammys have far too long been the hallowed voice of what is quality theatre in this town.
time for some other voices.
the people's choice if you will.

Anonymous said...

hey 4:50
didn't get nominated huh?

Anonymous said...

didn't get nominated huh?

If only we could go BACK to nominations instead of this bulls#it 0-5 winners in a catagory.

Anonymous said...

Dear person who runs the drammy site. Please update it at least a week before the Drammys happen. I'd like to read the shows that were reviewed this year.

steve said...

There are so many posts criticizing the Drammys and Pamtas; at the same time there are so many current and past shows about which there are no comments at all (or very few). Seems like it would be nice if more of us used our time and energy to support and talk about (even thoughtfully criticize) the work that's being done in our theaters.

Anonymous said...

does anyone have any predictions?

Anonymous said...

A room full of drunken actors, directors, and designers. Call me crazy, but that's my Drammys prediction.

splattworks said...

I predict a good number of people will have severe hangovers on the 10th.


brklyn said...

I predict i will be one of them.

Anonymous said...

While many of you think that the Drammy's are silly and ludicrous and lame and that you are above them, I think differently. We are a community of artists, and it is important for communities to celebrate achievement. We celebrate achievement with our families, our friends, our schools, social clubs, our city, and our country. Why shouldn't we celebrate within our theatre community?
The Drammy's isn't just about the awards. It is the recognition of a community of artists that is vital to the health and sustainability of a city. We celebrate that we are theatre artists, and a committee selects what they believe to be the outstanding achievements of the year of those artists, they do their best. But the true "outstanding achievement" is that we live in a city filled with passionate theatre artists, and once a year we come out to celebrate that with one another, and have out city recognize us as a community.
So the bickering, and negativity, and the "I am so above the Drammy's" attitude, that is what is ludicrous.
Open your eyes and see that you are a part of something bigger than yourself and try embracing that for a moment, and maybe you might understand what it is to be a part of a theatre community.

I hope I see you at the Drammy Awards.

Anonymous said...

brklyn! you're going to be nominated for #1 hottie!

brklyn said...

Dear Anonymous 6:16,
i love you.

Anonymous said...

I think Rodolfo Ortega should win for everything he does!

Anonymous said...

Just visting your fair city of Portland but based on all the comments here it appears the "leaders" of this cities theatre community are as corrupt as your Police Department...change?

Jen said...

anonymous 6/01/2008 07:53:00 PM said...
"Is the "outstanding production" given at the Drammys an award for best show, or for best production in terms of production elements? Or is it "overall production?""

During my time on the committee it meant that all of the elements (direction, acting, design & tech) came together in such a way that the overall production was outstanding. Production elements were occasionally recognized without the actors as "Production Design".

Anonymous said...

I've heard the following rationale a million times for why they don't give out awards in every category:

"It isn't a 'best of' it's 'outstanding', so if nothing stood out, then we don't give an award."

Great, so if three performances are uniformly excellent, then no recognition?

Oh, wait - no. They give multiple awards in certain areas.

So the only conclusion is, if no award is given, nothing was excellent?

I'm not so sure I truck with that.

5 "outstanding actor in a play", 4 "outstanding actress in a play" and no award given in a handful of other categories? come on.

(Ok, maybe it was only 3 and 2 - I was a little sloshed last year)

But still - come now; if this doesn't indicate who's driving the bus, I don't know what does.

Anonymous said...

Seriously Drammy people - get your website updated.

Anonymous said...

congrats to the cast of pirates of penzance for the great review today in the O !

Anonymous said...

Ahem, the review of "Pirates" in the Oregonian was not a "great" one, but a positive one, a warm one -- which tends to be Holly Johnson's forte as a reviewer (and I must say I've been rather grateful for that when she tackled shows I was in!). A great review would be sharper, even a little hard-edged, as well as penetrating. This one was supportive. Nothing wrong with that, particularly given Mocks Crest's target audience, but if followspot initiates a thread specifically devoted to "Pirates," you may see some differing judgments. And I DON'T mean the petty snarkiness that breaks out on this blog all too regularly.

followspot said...

A Pirates thread has been added.

Anonymous said...

What was the name of the website that was mentioned about the greatness of portland?

Anonymous said...

i heard a rumor at the drammys tonight that the people behind the pamtas are going to add another ceremony for straight plays next year.
they are calling it TAP
theatre awards of portland.

Anonymous said...

this is for some posters on this and the pamta thread.
i sense a lot of anger -- a lot of pain out there.
this is not meant to be glib:
venting on this site is not going to help you.

Anonymous said...

It never fails....friends of the committee and the committee themselves and those who suck the committee's posterior ALWAYS win it's inevitable -like the tide. If these DRAMMY committee people really loved the theatre in this town then they would all serve 1 year and step aside but they love their positions more than the art just- like politicians who hold their positions higher than their country. The Drammys are a pointless tragedy doing more to squash truly innovative work than they've ever done to celebrate really superb work. This is one community member who will never be back.

Anonymous said...

Lovely event, just lovely!

Anonymous said...

Show was way too long. It seemed like a small group turned it into their (bad) night club acts. I'd much rather enjoy the winners reactions. I also agree with the majority of bloggers. There were ample performances worthy of awards consideration last season.A partial list might include: Wade McCollum, Storm Large,Cory Burnish, Julie Johnson, Kirk Mouser and Lisamarie Harrison.

Anonymous said...

it was SO cold.

Anonymous said...

Have to poke in. I haven't been involved in the PDX theatre community long enough to have formed an opinion about the Drammys (I think that'll change in a couple years), but I can make an observation that has been borne out by my involvement in other theatre communities. From what I hear, there are dozens of theatre companies in and around Portland. I doubt they consult with each other when they choose their seasons. So to me, it seems that every year has the distinct possibility of consistent winners to pick a not-so-popular slate of shows, where a company that never won a Drammy has the chance to blow the committee away.

On the bigger picture, how many companies consider these (or any) awards when hiring cast, crew and staff? I wouldn't know. I prefer to work on a resident basis with companies, and that's from long experience. There are two I work with regularly now, and regardless of the shows they pick for next season, they'll get my best. I have one show confirmed towards the end of the '09 season with a new (to me) company, and I'm looking forward to that. I'm approaching three others for one or two of their next season's shows, and with any luck, I'll be far too busy to post here. :)

But performance awards are never impartial. They can't be. The worst reaction I'd want for one of my shows is... "eh." Love it or hate it, we made *some* impact. Same thing with reviews. In fact, one of the best reviews I've ever received was here on Followpsot for "8 Views Towards Center." I was told not to quit my day job, and other choice phrases. The fact that this person was compelled to trash my work in public was actually flattering. It's in a 5" x 7" frame next to my ACTF Region 8 award. :)

Awards or not, I'll just keep chugging along and designing when and where I can...

- Gordon

Anonymous said...

Drammy member Jen Raynak was the only one who produced a notable sound design this year? The tree falling cue from "Notion" was spectacular (not that I'm endorsing another award for an out-of-towner), and how can it be the Drammy's if Rody doesn't walk out with one?

It would be simultaneously nice and lame to know who was considered, so that we can know who is less deserving than Miss Raynak.

Don't take my Portland Fame!

Anonymous said...

I thought the Drammy ceremony was awesome! My only chance to really celebrate with my peeps.

Anonymous said...

Jen wasn't on the Drammy committee this year, though she is with PATA. And she does fantastic work. Detailed, thoughtful and appropriate. Speaking for us other sound designers, it's a different world than the visual designs. You don't see what we do, and it's easy to cross the line into where an audience member doesn't "get" why a certain cue (or absence of a cue) exists. Oh well. So far I've split my work between musicals (Stumptown Stages) and "impressionistic/expressionist" work with Integrity, Insight Out, Pavement/Bluestockings and soon to be others. Those are the kind of shows that can befuddle the imaginations of an audience, depending on what the director asks of you. There's a not-so-fine line between a recognizable "insert AM radio music here" kind of cue, and a "launched from a wrist-rocket through the stratosphere with your nose poking out of a Coke bottle" doppler effect. :P Jen earns her recognition.

- G

Kelly Stewart said...

I had a wonderful time at the Drammy Awards!... as always! It's great to be in one room with so many who love the arts. Congratulations to all of the winners and to those who didn't get an award but are stars who shine just as bright. I don't have to mention names... you know who you are!

P.S. I LOVED the anonymous followspot poem.

Chris Murray said...

Me too!


Anonymous said...

Just a thought: if the Drammy Commitee's "no-nominations" policy is grounded in the fear of lack of attendance by the theatre community, there is quite a lot of validity to that point. I know I certainly wouldn't have bothered to show up at the event had I known I'd be spending the bulk of the evening watching the awards being handed to PCS's legion of out-of-town hired guns that I not only didn't know, but really didn't care about.

The problem is that I'm no longer interested in the Drammys at all. I'm pretty fed up with ceremonies like one this year. If I knew beforehand what and who the nominees were, I might be enticed into returning. And if the Drammy Committee were compelled to publicize their nominees, in order to assure attendance to the ceremony, I can't help but feel it may encourage them to make a greater effort to evaluate all the theatres. Which, in turn, would only encourage everybody to bump up their game.

Nothing against PCS and Third Rail, but let's get real; they were not the only companies in town that put up outstanding productions this past year. And yes, there were far more outstanding performances by women than were recognized at the ceremony.

I know I'm going to get reamed for this one, but I feel this year's ceremony reflects a lazy effort by the Drammy Committee. If they are going to have their award held up as some sort of gold standard for the community, I would expect them to live up to it by actually trying harder and actually seeing the shows.

Anonymous said...

They saw over 100 shows. How many did you see?

Anonymous said...

Look. So far I haven't seen any of the accusations leveled here [they just give awards to their friends, they're "lazy," crap like that] that isn't addressed on the Drammy web site. How about giving them a break and taking a look at that?

Lazy. Huh. According to the site, the average number of shows each Drammy person sees -- and that's EACH one, mind you -- clocks in at about 60 a year.

Anonymous said...

You say that as if it were an impressive accomplishment. Being able to pay to see 100 shows would be impressive. And the Drammy Committee doesn't pay to see the shows. I'm sorry, but just showing up and watching a show isn't what I would call making an effort. I still find it ridiculous that out of over a 100 shows, only a very small handful were outstanding, from a very small handful of production companies, and that the number of outstanding women quarter of the number of outstanding men.

TnT-EmeraldCity said...

I wish Chris Murray would stop posting anonymously.

Josiah Bania said...

About a million.

Anonymous said...

Actually I do consider it an accomplishment to see that many shows. How many of us saw half that? I notice you didn't answer the previous poster about how many shows you saw last year.

I'm not saying the Drammy people deserve a medal or something. But I don't get the need to vilify them for wanting to bring attention to Portland theater. One good thing about this discussion here -- it got me to go to the Drammy website and see what the story is. It's not much of a site, but guess what, turns out everything brought up here is answered there.

Anonymous said...

Did you happen to have a beer with any of these out of town "hired guns" during the weeks and months they spent in Portland? Did you have the opportunity to speak to any of them about their experience working with their fellow Portland theater artists? Or what they plan to say about working in Portland when they move on to their next gig?

I have, and I can tell you that that many were utterly surprised and delighted to be recognized for their hard work. Many of them have remarked at what a supportive and inclusive community this is, and shared with me how excited they are to participate in the high level of work taking place here.

It is hard, often thankless work, this profession of ours. And honest aknowledgement of achievement (of any kind) is all too rare, no matter what home address you cite on your employment records.

And here's the other thing to keep in mind: These "hired guns" (ie, itinerent working artists with the same dreams and concerns as yours) take their experiences of working here and they become ambassadors in the regional theater circuit, spreading the word that we are a town to watch.

They proudly reference their Drammy award in their bios at institutions across the country (right alongside their Helen Hayes awards).

And we want them to do that, especially if we are serious about Portland taking the leap onto the regional stage with a strong reputation as a town committed to creating work at the highest level.

Insularity, or a "no outsiders wanted here" mentality, is not going to get us there. Griping about the Drammies (which helped to score yet another mention for Portland in the New York Times, incidentally)is not going to get us there. An open and engaged dialogue between the artists making their home base here and artists working regionally and nationally CAN and WILL get us there.

Of course I'm not arguing for preference for out of town actors over the theater artists who've made that hard commitment to become resident theater artists in this town. I am (as I'm sure you all know) a passionate supporter of the work that is fomented here in our own backyard. I think it stands up proudly to work created anywhere in the country. Our pool of resident actors is rich and deeply experienced in a way that living and working in the same town can really help to encourage. I am also honored to see so many new ensembles and companies moving here from all over the country and committing to putting down roots in our fertile soil.

And I didn't agree with all the awards and omissions at this ceremony or at any Drammy ceremony I've ever been to.

As with any group of people, they have their tastes, their biases, their agendas. But I wouldn't give up the opportunity for this community to come together and celebrate its hard work for anything. And I wouldn't deny hard working theater artists the opportunity to be recognized for their achievements, no matter where they "hang their hat" when they are not performing on a Portland stage.

- Trisha Pancio

joanna burgess said...

Luisa Sermol gave the best performance i have ever seen onstage in 9 Parts of Desire. So I am oh-so-happy she won.

And I really do wish Mariela in the Desert had been mentioned! It was such a wonderful production.

Congrats to everyone!