Sunday, April 06, 2008

Oya: Call the Storm

Miracle Theatre
April 4 - April 26, 2008

Review by peanutduck

Objects transcend tangibility. Mortality: a thick snaking rope; water that purifies only through death. Loneliness: a simple wooden frame. Intensity: red heels, a small purse. Take heed: Oya’s storm, evoked in rhythm of music, gymnastics, and dance, Orishas’ fantastically phantasmal costumes, deceptively spare set, is without mercy on the passionate.

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skip said...

no comments about this compelling show?!? I'm sorry I didn't see it before closing night. Beautifully, evocatively designed (set, lights, sound, costumes). Wish I understood Spanish (think I'll get to work on that) but got a lot out of it nonetheless-- the experience became even more impressionistic and non-literal, and was still thought-provoking and moving. How nice to be invited into this rich world. Thank you, Milagro.