Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tangoing With Tornadoes

Self-Enhancement, Inc.
January 18 - 27, 2008


It’s about domestic violence, a heavy subject to be sure. but my desire is that you think more deeply about it, that you laugh in recognition of all of us, that you remind yourself to be vigilant in your commitment to stop abuse however you can. Includes music, poetry, singing.


Anonymous said...

The wonderful thing about this show is that it's FREE THEATRE and in it's former incarnation it's been called
“brilliantly rhythmical,”
“simply breathtaking,” and
“a funny, saddening, angering and empowering journey.”

Anonymous said...

The press for this show uses those praises as though they apply to the current production, which, if I am interpreting the above comment correctly, is not just a revamp of the original production, but a new show.

It's a bit like remaking a movie, but using the reviews of the original to hype the new one: seems a bit deceptive.

Anonymous said...

When I read those reviews, I took them to describe the work itself, the words, the content and their relevance, not simply the performers...

While talented actors & actresses are vital to the entertainment value, they are merely vehicles used to deliver powerfully emotional and relevant content...

When I say Romeo & Juliet is a profound & moving piece that could bring tears from a stone, I am not referring to any actor's performance in particular or any director's vision (for hundreds, thousands, possibly millions of them exist) but I refer rather to the work & the playwright.

I love Jack Lemmon, but he has left us, and while "Days of Wine & Roses" may never be performed as he performed it... It must still be performed, because of the power and the relevance of the story...

Do not allow yourself to be so distracted by the speaker, that you do not hear the words that are spoken...

Anonymous said...

See the show yourself.

It's free.

And then realize that sometimes deception (although that was not intended here) is accepted as a way of getting the people who need to, to see it.

The message is that important.

It has already made a difference in people's lives. It has already given them access (organization information is in the lobby) to information, a feeling of not being alone, a feeling of being understood.

Anonymous said...

Great show! Moving, well acted, music and singing right on.

I recommend seeing it before it closes.

Cudos to all involved.