Sunday, January 13, 2008

Blue Roses

January 15, 2008


Penplay, a group of screenwriters and playwrights dedicated to developing the new work of multicultural voices, presents a staged reading of Blue Roses by Sandra de Helen and directed by Matt Zrebski, and Mass Transit, a short film by Cassie Cohn. Someday Lounge (125 NW 5th Avenue). Admission per donation.


syria said...

Movie interesting character study, although script lacked strong resolution.

One-act more of a first act. Snappy dialogue, like Rebecca Gilman adapting Lillian Hellman. Engaging, but to what purpose? Characters start and end in the same place. Doctor had interesting flashes, but was in the end just evil; why? And aren't there more relevant problems to address than the flaws of state asylums in the 1940s?

Cassie Cohn said...

Syria, a genuine thanks for your comments. My only reply is that life lacks strong resolution, in the moment, anyways.

I hope that you'll come to our next event, a reading of Anya Pearson's "Love-Hate" this Feb. 26th at the Someday Lounge at 8pm.

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