Monday, February 04, 2008

The Devil and Daniel Webster

Northwest Childrens Theater
February 1 - February 24, 2008

Review by peanutduck

Endearing Farmer Jabez (Nick Sherbo) mortgages his soul for true love’s exorbitant dowry. Will stout bulldog Daniel Webster outreason the beguiling, Walkenesque Devil to render contract void? Expert sound design includes musical narration by violinist Sturtevant. Charming costumes; Lizzie Borden’s appearance eye-catching; script’s subtle political crit timely. Malan-Gonzalez unconvincing, strident.

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Anonymous said...

Eric is powerful as Daniel Webster and the Devil has just the right mix of charm and evil anger. This is a strong cast and the play is over too quickly. The humor is subtle. Special effects make this extra fun for kids but it is just solid all around.