Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The House of Yes

Fall Guy Theatre
November 15 - December 9, 2007

November 18, 2007
Posted by Anton Ego

Cecily Overman is just perfect as Jackie-O. Perfect. Masterful performance. It's too bad Julie Jeske as Lesly can't keep up with her. The audience ends up siding with the crazy woman. Is this intentional? Excellent sound design by Aaron Martinez. Kind of expensive for what is essentially a one act.


James said...

I agree that Cecily Overman is perfect as Jackie O. However I must disagree with you that Julie Jeske can't keep up. I thought she provided a lovely, innocent counterpoint to the deranged Jackie O.
If I were to point out a weak spot in the cast, it would have to be with Ms. Duvall-Owens. Slow to pick up her cues, and insecure in her footing.
Let's hope the wrinkles have been ironed out.
It's definetly a high octane evening worth the "expensive" ticket.

MattyZ said...

I think to single out Jeske as a reason for the imbalance is unfair. She offers a solid and entertaining performance. From my perspective, the issue is in the writing. When creating such a vivid and outrageous character as Jackie-O, the playwright has signaled that the energetic weight and focus will naturally fall toward her. I have no idea if that's McLeod's intent, but it seems that's what's on the page.

What Cecily achieves is amazing. She fills the role not only with a psychotic neurosis, but with such desperate sadness...we DO feel for her, and I think that is key to this production's success. It would be easy to simply "cartoon it up" - but I think she finds that rare balance. Bravo!

Curtis said...

First of all- Julie Jeske does not lack anything next to Cecily Overman. Personally- and I know I will get slammed for this- but I feel that Over-man is a bit Over-rated. She did a fine job in this show- but I agree with the Mercury review- she has a tendency to do that when things get a bit emotional- sort of " playing" at things, rather than just being honestly in the moment. She is striking on stage- thought s this after seeing her in last year's Leni - but a pretty face does not great talent make.
Second of all- I thought this show was very good overall and it makes me want to see what else Fall Guy has up their sleeve next :-)

MattyZ said...

Cecily Overman is not on stage because she is "pretty". That's a cheap thing to say and quite an insult to those who cast her - are they so "blinded" by beauty somehow? Come on.

She is a thoughtful and dedicated artist. Always. And I'm happy that many, many of us in the theatre community who have had the pleasure of directing, acting, and teaching beside her - are well aware of that.

generic said...

i too enjoyed Julie Jeske in the role.
heather rose