Saturday, October 13, 2007

HONK! The Ugy Duckling Musical

Photo: David Kinder

Northwest Childrens Theater and School
October 5 - 28, 2007


Theatre Geek said...

Honk! is a lively show filled with warm vocals, and a touching story! The Vocals of the whole cast are spectacular! Kristi L. Foster is a knockout as Ida, the mother of Ugly! While there's still a chance, i would recommend quickly going to NWCT and seeing this show in its final weekend!
-Bryan Kinder

Anonymous said...

Honk! is an amazing musical with some of the best voices I have heard! It's closing day so if you have not seen it, go buy some tickets now! It was directed by Stephen Alexander, and it's his last show in Portland(because he moved to Montana to be an Artistic Directer)! James Peppers, Kristi Foster, and the little ducklings in the show are just fantastic.So come see this show! You will absolutly love it!!!

quillpen said...

This was an interesting production. Terrific tech pretty much all around (except for sound, which I'll get to momentarily): nice, sweeping set -- including the four-piece band set "against the sky" at upper stage left, a good 15 or 20 feet above the stage -- great lighting, costumes that implied the animal characters but did not weigh down the actors. Some gorgeous faces and voices, and the cast mostly did great work.

Kristi Foster was a head above everyone else for strong acting and intelligibility. The kids' cast were wonderful. As written, though, the play seemed a little too sophisticated for the many 8-, 9-, and 10-year-olds in the audience: not just subtle "adult" humor, but obscure cultural references that may have gone over the heads of many of the parents, even. I have to think the kids mostly had to settle for grooving on the visual spectacle of it all.

And sound was lamentable: I saw the show on its final Friday, and one of the principal mikes -- the crucial character of the cat's, I think -- was shorting out for part of the first half, and you couldn't make out most of his patter lyrics. The cast was also too big to mike everyone, so as a consequence, some numbers had none of the chorus miked (to maintain a balance between them, I'm guessing), and so you couldn't hear THEM. These elements had me a little uncomfortable and unhappy for the first half, but the second half improved considerably.