Saturday, October 13, 2007

Le Theatre du Grand Guignol

The Tragedies
October 11 - October 31, 2007


Anonymous said...

Would someone review this show? I saw it last Saturday and it clearly one of the best troupes in town. WTF?

Anonymous said...

why don't you?

Anonymous said...

If it's great, I would really love to hear about it. I saw it last year and found it to be one of the worst stage productions I'd ever had to sit through. (Look up Alison Hallett's review at the Mercury. I remember that she pretty well hit the nail on the head.) Not scary. Not gross. Not sexy. Not good. (Last year...NOT this year)

It was surprising coming from a pretty funny comedy troupe. So I would love it if they figured it out for this year. I am definitely rooting for them. Just not with my money or my time.

Unless, of course, someone let's me know that it's better this year. I love the idea and the spirit behind it all.

Dylan said...

Hey, if you have the guts to be honest about a review, have the guts not to be anonymous. Besides, Alison couldn't have hated it that much as she had a beer with me. -Dylan Hillerman

Dr. Killingsworth said...

Your anonymous review contradicts other reviewers in the Portland media. The Mercury is not the only source in town. Grand Guignol got raves from The Tribune and KBOO and good ones from The Oregonian. KBOO stated that it was the BEST theatrical experience he had seen in Portland in DECADES! Maybe you saw it on a crappy night, like the night AH saw it, but that's the nature of theater, especially in a converted space like a church. Takes a brave man to remain anonymous, right?