Friday, September 21, 2007


Classic Greek Theatre of Oregon
September 21, 2007; closes September 30, 2007

Long on consensus, short on drama. Original story holds up through moment when war sent packing and peace restored. Remaining global warming coda plays more like an Al Gore film, with actors intoning stats to the audience and encouraging us to bike more. Piece feels increasingly random, erratic by close.


Anonymous said...

It definitley seemed as though they tried to hard to focus on too many things- war, global warming, vegetariansm. very overacted in my opinion

Anonymous said...

Overacting? I KNEW this would happen . . . whose job was it to remind Kieth Scales that he was NOT to stage an Aristophanes play but a Chekhov, Beckett, or Pinter?

Joseph said...

Peace exposed the underbelly of Greek values and principles to public view: those that activists take for granted, but self-consciously rally behind in their crusades for peace, justice and environmental sanity. On a pendulum swing from vaudeville to lecture hall, carnival to classroom, Peace was, in the best Aristophanic sense of bold satire, good theatre and good comedy.