Monday, July 02, 2007

Rest Room

Many Hats Collaboration
July 2, 2007

Another site-specific show in welcome summer trend. Positives: Mixing audience and collaborators in close-up, shifting melee of bodies and action; use of mirror, video, stalls. Mixed: Dance that while impressive does not always serve this specific narrative. Would recorded stories work better as spoken dialogue? Strong potential and ingredients here.


Anonymous said...

Changing from recorded dialogue to spoken words would have done two negative things (at least for me): it would have applied a specific story to a specific actor and removed some "universalness" from it, and would have changed the dynamic of the show from feeling like watching a silent film to just watching "a show in a bathroom".

Tom Harjo said...

I agree with Followspot's comment on the dance -- very well done, but it drew attention to itself instead of working within (or for) the piece.