Monday, May 14, 2007

In Apparati

defunkt theatre
Posted by Followspot May 13, 2007; closes May 26, 2007

Uneasy spookiness rode ripples of revelation among otherwise deep, still waters of such tranquil, dozy tone that metaphors sometimes floated untethered to storyline. Elaborate ambient sound design of Jen Raynak, composition by Elias Foley. Introduction of video stimulating, but curious how such surveillance could be further integrated, less scenery substitute.


Anonymous said...

Isn't this a new play? Any critcism about the text? The story? Did the writer achieve his goal?

Anonymous said...

Did the writer achieve his goal?

How are we supposed to judge that (unless it was stated in the program somewhere)?

James? Were you successful? said...

in answer to anonymous 9.30: yes, it is a new play. as to the other questions, i'd encourage said anonymous to come see the show for answers to those.

in answer to 3/10: yes. to my mind, very much so...

the dolt. said...

and here's where i apologize for my mis-numbering, and inconsistent formatting. i hope you know to whom i was referring. best, y'all.

Anonymous said...

It was great to see more new work here in Portland. The script still seems a bit rough around the edges to me. Several times the language felt in a different realm than the other production elements--that is to say that it often didn't seem as poetic in the dialogue as it did in the movement/soundscape/images.
Nonetheless, some of the monologues were really great and there were some very funny moments. The story was interesting to put together as an audience member. It seemed that the flow of the script sometimes jumped around in time, but I wasn't sure.

Anonymous said...

While I enjoyed the show and give many kudos to the director and cast, I must admit I do have one complaint. I wish that more care and detail had been paid to the 'apparati'. The evening I saw it, and this was early in the run, the apparati was falling apart. Almost every actor wearing one had to contend with a piece falling off or hanging loose.

I respect the fact that defunkt works with limited budgets and they usually pull off amazing things within their limitations. I wish they had been able to do the same with these props. To me the apparati are such an intregal part of the show, and it was so distracting to watch them fall apart.

Anonymous said...

I loved this show, definitely one of the best for me this season. The direction is amazing and I felt the design elements were incredible. Although I do agree that the apparati didn't feel like Defunkt, but I loved the use of film in that space and the costumes are divine.

tamara said...

this was one of the rare shows i've seen in my life where i felt the direction and writing were perfectly in tune. what might have been confusing while reading was made clear and specific through excellent direction, yet direction always seemed inseperable from the writer's story.

i agree that surveillance related video was most interesting and plot-relevant (at least, the most relevant to the plot that I understood), but felt all video was used effectively. writer and director provided just enough clues for me to feel like, even if the story wasn't following a linear path, i could link the moments in multiple ways (temporally, thematically, etc).

the apparati did not really act up the night that i went, but they are obviously, well, a fairly pointelss collection of plastic tubes. I don't know that it was intentional, but it is highly appropriate to me in the sense that, yeah the apparati are there and they do something, sure, but they are really just window dressing, an external and physical reminder of your position, like a yellow star. but the actual surveillance and control are happening on a much deeper and more sinister level. it's global and biological and intangible and absolute.

anyway, really really enjoyed the show. great job to everyone.