Wednesday, May 30, 2007

And the Drammy goes to ...

2006-2007 Drammy Awards

Portland’s Drammy Awards will hold its 28th annual celebration of outstanding achievement in local theatre on Monday, June 11 at the Crystal Ballroom (1332 W. Burnside). Doors open at 6 p.m. for social hour; awards begin at 7 p.m., followed by an after-party. Fun, free and open to the public.


Anonymous said...

Didn't see any musicals, but here are my play choices -

Best play: Leni, Insight Out Theatre Collective

Best Actor: Leif Norby, Henry V, Northwest Classical
Tyler Askew, Herringbone, Arts Equity

Best Actress: Laura Faye Smith, Mr. Marmalade, ART
Cecily Overman, Leni, Insight Out

Best Supporting Actor:
Garland Lyons, Escape from Happiness, Theatre Vertigo
Zero Feeney, The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek, defunkt

Best Supporting Actress: Melody Bridges, Romeo & Juliet, Northwest Children's Theatre
Rita Parrish, Valparaiso, Theatre Vertigo

Best Ensemble: The cast of Thugs, Portland Center Stage

Best Younger Actress: Maya Malan Gonzalez, Frida un retablo,Teatro Milagro

Best Younger Actor: ??

Anonymous said...

Best Play - Mr. Marmalade ART

Best Actor - Gary Norman -Tango, Theater Vertigo

Best Actress - Laura Faye Smith - Mr. Marmalade, ART

Best Supporting Actor - Patrick Wohlmut in apparati, defunkt

Best Supporting Actress - Elanor O'Brian- Mr. Marmalade, ART

Special Mentions - Susannah Mars and Ritah Parrish for their terrific one woman shows.

Former Drammy member said...

I concur with Mr. Marmalade and Leni as the best shows of the season. The fall overall was ripe with beautiful work but that soon fizzled with a lackluster spring. These two shows stand out as the highlights.

Anonymous said...

Not to split hairs, but...
The Drammies are not a "best of..."
The Drammies highlight "outstanding in one's field".
Which means that they aren't limited to just one award per category.

A PATA peep said...

Don't forget the PATA spotlight awards .... vote for your favorite S.M., crew member or whoever was outstanding at anything....

Anonymous said...

Call me dumb...but could someone explain to me the Drammy process? Is their certian catagories? How does one get nominated...I'm new in town and just curious. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

There's a Q&A on the Drammy Web site at

There's also a little bit of the awards' 28 years of history on the site too ... though only a few years.

Anonymous said...

Dear Drammy committee,
don't forget the Smaller theaters this year... Defunkt, NW Classical, and Theatre Vertigo all had exceptional seasons and each one deserves recognition
A portland theater fan

Anonymous said...

rody ortega definitley deserves an award for his beautiful music in NWCT's Romeo and Juliet

patrick said...

Rody Ortega always deserves an award, and I say that without a hint of irony. He is a treasure to the Portland theatre community, a skilled and accomplished musician with an intuitive ear for sound. I'm only surprised when he doesn't get awarded.

Okay, Rody, you owe me ten bucks now. :-)

Anonymous said...

The gloriousness that is Rody Ortega, as well as his sound design, is above any award mere mortals can afford him. The gloriousness of Ortega should be both praised AND worshipped. In fact, to truly honor the greatness of any future Drammy Sound Design, the name should be changed to the Ortega Prize for Oustanding Sound Design, and a moment of silence for the great Ortega should be recognized at each ceremony prior to the award being announced.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if the Drammy Committee offers some recognition to the late Stark Raving and its years of accomplishments.

new to this drammy thing said...

followspot, you should know the answer to this or if not someone out there should... Is there any truth to the rumor that Drammy winners will get some sort of advanced warning, like a phone call to the producer or director etc. encouraging them to attend the ceremony? I've been told that kind of thing has happened in the past and I've also caught wind that at least one producer has already received "the call" this year.... Any insight you've got would be much appreciated, at least that way we'll know if our phones don't ring not to have our hopes up

Anonymous said...

A moment of silence for a sound designer. Wouldn't that be an insult?

Neal said...

A moment of silence? What, is the man dead? :) BTW, as a huge Rody fan, if we're gonna name that award, probably should consider Ortega/Berendzen to more accurately reflect it's history.

Follow Spot said...

anon 12:08

It is my understanding that it used to be the practice (several years ago) to notify a theatre if a production was going to receive an award (without saying what award it was), but as far as know the Committee no longer does that. I believe some things (such as last years lifetime achievement award) are announced ahead of time, but the other awards are announced only at the ceremony.
So don't be holding your breath for "the call" -- just show up, have a good time, and celebrate ... and who knows? maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Check out for more FAQS.

Anonymous said...

we won last year-
there was no call

Anonymous said...

The Drammy Committee used to inform theatres in advance if one or more of their shows would be getting an award. Beginning last year the Drammy policy was changed. Now they do not give advance notification except in the categories of Young Performer and Special Achievement awards.

Anonymous said...

Ensemble- Sisters of Swing Broadway Rose
New Work- in apperati
Costume- Act a Lady
Set- Escape From Happiness
Sound- Pillowman

Anonymous said...

Sisters of Swing! Yes! Was absolutely terrific. Tight, tight ensemble piece.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they have already decided but it's fun to play along.
I went to a lot of shows this season and here are some other good options to consider from several plays I haven't seen even mentioned so far. How soon we forget!

Best Ensemble - Fall of the House - Bluestockings Theater. This wasn't just a play, it was an event that kept us going back for more.

Best Actor - I have to go with the first poster here: Leif Norby was great as Henry V but so was, Taylor Askman in Herringbone. If you didn't see either you missed out.

Best Supporting Actor - Tim Blaugh in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest at Integrity. B big surprise from an actor cast against type. Was anybody besides me impressed by this?

Best Supporting Actress - An actress long overdue, Sarah Dresser in Chateau Joyeaux at CoHo gave the best performance of her career.

Best Musical - Ragtime at Lakewood was pretty amazing. How did they ever fit that huge show on that little stage? Lakewood's high point this year.

Best Actor in a Musical - Joe Thiessen was a wonderful surprise in 42nd Street at Broadway Rose.

Best Actress in a Musical - No contest really for Susannah Mars in Mars on Life at ART. Does a one woman cabaret count? It should.

Supporting Actor and Actress? Not sure this is a catagory but if so, Lisamarie Harrison in either Reefer Madness or Grease at Stumptown and Nartan Williams in Reefer Madness also at Stumptown.

Best Youth Actor - Matt Miller in Rome and Juliet at the Blue Monkey Theatre seemed to be the boy everyone was talking about this season, although the little girl in Pillowman was pretty amazing too.

Best Director is tricky. I think an interesting choice would be our host, Andy Alcala for The Yellow Boat. The staging was really beautiful on this show. Also, everyone keeps talking about Henry V and how Northwest Classical is the hot new company in town, so how about some applause for it's AD Grant Turner, who fit Shakespeare's epic history onto a postage stamp sized stage.

Speaking of making something epic work in a small space, if there isn't an award for music director there should be. Alan D. Lytle's music direction for Ragtime was amazing.

Amy Palomino also deserves some sort of an award for raising the bar for local choreography on several musicals this season, as well as top notch performances in 42nd Street and West Side Story.

As for the technical awards;
Set - Fences at PCS
Costumes - Act a Lady at PCS
Sound & Lights - Pillowman at PCS
PCS has more money than all the other theater's in town combined and a brand new facility. It should have the best production values and design work and it does.

So how did I do, Followspot?
I guess time will tell.

Follow Spot said...

From the Drammy Committee Web site:

The Portland Drammy Committee is pleased to announce that the 28 th Annual Drammy Awards Ceremony, celebrating outstanding achievement in Portland theatre, will be held on Monday, June 11, 2007.

Almost all of the usual categories, including musical, will be awarded this year and one or two unusual ones. The Committee will not be alerting the theatres in advance as to which of their shows are being awarded, with the exception of the Young Performer awards.

The Drammy Committee is a program of the Portland Civic Theatre Guild. The ceremony is sponsored by Willamette Week and the Guild and, new this year, Bardy Trophy, with a new award design.

Once again the event will be held in the Crystal Ballroom (1332 W Burnside St.) . The pre-show social hour will begin at 6:00 pm and the awards ceremony will begin at 7:00 pm. There will also be time after the ceremony for partying and socializing in the ballroom, and – Spotlight Awards and karaoke in Lola's Room!

Our Master of Ceremonies this year will be Andres Alcala!

We will again present a slide presentation highlighting the year in theatre, and will specially recognize Stark Raving Theatre for its contribution to Portland theatre and its dedication to presenting new works. We are happy to announce that playwright Joseph Fisher will be returning to speak on behalf of Stark Raving.

This year's ceremony will be again recorded and broadcast on Portland Community Media Television (cable channel 30) at various times throughout the summer. The broadcast schedule will be determined after the ceremony and will be posted online on the Drammy, PATA and PCMTV websites when it is available. For more information about PCMTV, visit its Web site at . In addition to the television coverage, photographer Jim Leisy will be photographing the event again this year. His pictures can be seen on his Web site at .

The Portland Area Theatre Alliance will be presenting their Spotlight Awards in Lola's Room after the main award ceremony and before the karaoke. These are people's choice awards for folks who do things for the theatre community behind the scenes (i.e. stage managers, crew, etc.). PATA is accepting nominations now through the PATA Web site at . Voting will take place at the Drammy ceremony. PATA is also collecting favorite 2006-07 season anecdotes which will be posted on the website and some of which will be read at the Drammy after party.

We were very pleased with the event and the turnout last year and this year we are continuing in the same vein. Once again we will use Lola's Room downstairs so that those who wish to chat and/or smoke can do so without disturbing the proceedings upstairs.

New this year – the underage persons attending can sit with the adults anywhere in the hall.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the set for Fences shipped in from out of state? I heard it has been used by a number of companies across the country. Should that count?

Anonymous said...

New this year – the underage persons attending can sit with the adults anywhere in the hall.

It's about time! What was the hold-up, OLCC rules? And with this change, does it mean the only place to get adult beverages will be Lola's Room?

Follow Spot said...

Don't worry -- you'll be able to have your beer wherever you want. It was just a change in policy by the Crystal. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Fences is obviously out since the Drammies celebrate outstanding achievements in Portland theatre. I would venture to say the same for the acting "achievements" as well.

Anonymous said...

Best Production:
Red Badge of Courage OCT
Repeat After Me Hand2Mouth
Original Play:
Number Three by Ebbe Roe Smith @ Third Rail
Best Actor in a lead role:
Scott Coopwood in Number 3 @ 3rd Rail
Leif Norby Henry V
Best Actress in a lead role:
Maureen Porter in Betrayal @ Imago
Susan Maginn in Orson's Shadow @ ART
Best Supporting Actor:
Damon Kupper in Pavillion @ 3rd Rail
Patrick Wohlmut in apparati @ defunk
Best Supporting Actress:
Sharonlee Mclean in Act a Lady @ PCS
Val Landrum in Uncommon Women and Others @ Profile
Actor in a one man show:
Wade McCollum in I am my own Wife @ PCS
Chris Harder in The Centering @ ???Backdoor Theatre???
Best Director:
Andy Alcala for The Red Badge of Courage
Rose Riorden for The Thugs
Best Ensemble:
One Day Sojourn Theatre
The Thugs PCS

Didn't see any musicals and don't feel I know enough about tecnical stuff to comment.

Anonymous said...

What about ART's production of "Metamorphoses" does anyone think that will pick up any awards?

Anonymous said...

I wish I'd seen all the shows listed for this year, but, for me, standouts include Tim True for the title role in "Number Three" and Chelsie Kinney for supporting actress in "Arcadia." Also sound design for "The Pillowman."

Anonymous said...

Best director..Metamorphisis for sure.

Anonymous said...

Best Ensemble: Metemorphoeses (no contes here)
Best Director: Randall Stuart (he showed with one show why he is quite simply the best director anywhere in this town)
Best Production: I'd have to say Metemorphoses
Best Supporting Actress: Chelsie Kinney should be in the BEST ACTRESS category. The play is about her and she was simply divine.
Best Actor There are several performances that could go here.
Leif Norby in Henry V, Tim True in Pillow Man, Paul Angelo in Macbeth.
Best Supporting Actress Andrea White in An American Daughter
Best Sipporting Actor Garland Lyons, In Escape from Happiness
Best Young Performer Matt Miller and Cameron Peart for Blue Monkeys R&J
Best Sound: Rody Ortega for NWCT r&j

Anonymous said...

I think ryan stathos is also deserving of some consideration for Best Young Preformer in NWCT's Romeo and Juliet. He showed emotion and feeling that was unparalleled by his female counterpart.

Anonymous said...

I thought the best performance I have seen in years was Jeanette McMahon in as Mama TONIC! Productions, "night,Mother." Beyond outstanding. Both funny, and heartwrenching. Why isn't she working? Amazing.

Anonymous said...

I did not see enough this year, I'm realizing, but I remember a few things i felt really strongly about:

Ritah Parrish, Absurdly Outstanding supporting actress in Valparaiso. best part of the show.

let's see, the actor Matt Caphony (sorry if that's totally wrong)..? from Yellow Boat gave a truly outstanding performance.

in apparati and Metamorphases are probably tied for me as the best productions I saw all season. in apparati is a great new script, Patrick Wohlmut gave a great performance, Metamorphases was terrific ensemble work....

then again, Repeat After Me was pretty impressive ensemble work, too.

I did like the lighting/sound in the Pillowman.

The only thing I saw Leif Norby in was Ragtime, and he was excellent, but I bet he was really excellent as Henry V.

jamse. said...

Composition. New Work. Production.

Liminal's Theory of Love.

the most transformative performance event i attended this season.

Anonymous said...

Warning: This is off topic.

The comment by 6/08/2007 12:08:00 PM regarding Randall Stuart "he showed with one show why he is quite simply the best director anywhere in this town" makes me curious. What do Portland practitioners think makes a good director? Surely there is more than one in this city?

Anonymous said...

Best dramatic actor: Leif Norby in Henry V, NWCTC

Best musical actor: Joe Thiessen in 42nd Street, Broadway Rose

Best musical actress: Amy Palomino in 42nd Street, Broadway Rose

Best costume design: DeeDee Remington for Aladdin, Blue Monkey

Anonymous said...

Play - Leni

Musical - 42nd Street, Ragtime

Actor in a Play - Leif Norby, Henry V; Paul Angelo, MacBeth

Actress in a Play - Cecily Overman, Leni; Melody Bridges, The Witches

Actor in a Musical - David Hughes, Ragtime; Joe Theissen, 42nd Street

Actress in a Musical - Amy Palomino, 42nd Street; Pam Mahon, Ragtime

Ensemble - Cast of Metamorphoses; Cast of Moby Dick the Musical; Cast of Sisters of Swing

Young Performer - Matt Miller, Romeo and Juliet; Ryan Stathos, Romoe and Juliet

Original Script - in apparati by James Moore

Costume Design - DeeDee Remington, Aladdin

Sound Design/Original Music - Rodolfo Ortega, Romeo and Juliet

Choreography - Amy Palomino, High
School Musical

Director - Andres Alcala, Red Badge of Courage

Musical Director - Alan Lytle, Ragtime

Anonymous said...

who do you think is going to win best youth actress and actor?

Anonymous said...

I agree with jamse. Liminal's Theory of Love was one of the most beautiful and powerful plays I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

It looks as if Matt Miller's gettiing the critics choice.

Anonymous said...

No one seems to be mentioning Lance Geller in Blue Monkey's High School Musical for Young Preformer. Seems strange as he was quite talented in that role

Anonymous said...

do you think the guys at OCT who did The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged might snatch a Best Ensemble?

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of the Drammys ... the awards are for "outstanding achievement" -- not best ...

Anonymous said...

I don't think NWCTC's MacBeth is being considered this time around. They didn't make the cut off.

Anonymous said...

This seems to be the least unsuitable place to post this, but . . . is there any way this blog could activate "place holders" for shows that are up and running but have not been reviewed by Followspot yet, so WE could start commenting on them? It's now been several weeks since I've seen "Orson's Shadow," it's gotten good notices from several of the newspapers, and yet there's no place to discuss the damn show on this site yet.

Anonymous said...

I would like to add to the post on Orson's Shadow. I'm glad you posted something because now we can discuss it. I would like to predict or at least give it my vote for a Drammy for next year. What a great production. Everything about it. I saw it on Actor's Night and had the best time. Great script, great performances, great lighting, great sound, and great direction. Kudos to all involved and thank you for a great night of theatre!

Anonymous said...

anon 10:13. I think you may be right about NWCTC's Macbeth. Also Red Badge of Courage and Orson's Shadow. I don't think qualify this year either.

Anonymous said...

You can see what's eligible at the site. It lists "Red Badge" and "MacBeth"...

Anonymous said...

while macbeth and orson's shadow do not qualiify, the red badge of courage is under consideration, according to the drammy website

Follow Spot said...

In addition to a farewell to Stark Raving Theatre, awards were handed out to the following (watch for pictures to be added to the site when available):

Actor in a Lead Role

Chris Harder

The Centering

Todd Van Voris

Imago Theatre

Actress in a Lead Role

Gretchen Corbett

A Lesson from Aloes
Third Rail Repertory Theatre

Maureen Porter


Imago Theatre

Fight Choreography

Kendall Wells


Northwest Classical Theater Co.

Costume Design

Jeff Cone

Act a Lady

Portland Center Stage


Andrés Alcalá

The Yellow Boat

Insight Out Theatre Collective

Philip Cuomo

La Carpa Calavera

Miracle Theatre Group

Slayden Scott Yarbrough

A Lesson from Aloes

Third Rail Repertory Theatre

Rose Riordan

The Thugs

Portland Center Stage

Ensemble Acting

The Thugs

Portland Center Stage

Repeat After Me


Light Design

Don Crossley

A Lesson from Aloes

Third Rail Repertory Theatre

Lap Chi Chu


Portland Center Stage

Musical Actress in a Lead Role

Amy Palomino

42nd Street

Broadway Rose Theatre Co.

Musical Direction

Rick Lewis

West Side Story

Portland Center Stage

Musical Actor in a Supporting Role

Isaac Lamb

Beauty and the Beast

Northwest Children's Theater

Musical Actress in a Supporting Role

Ivetta Sosa

West Side Story

Portland Center Stage

Original Script

Dan Trujillo

Jingle Spree

CoHo Productions

Ebbe Roe Smith

Number Three

Third Rail Repertory Theatre

Scenic Design

Ben Plont

Escape from Happiness

Theatre Vertigo

Curt Enderle

A Lesson from Aloes

Third Rail Repertory Theatre

Composer and Sound Design

Rodolfo Ortega

Swiss Family Robinson

Northwest Children's Theater

Jen Raynak

The Pavilion, Third Rail Repertory Theatre,

and The Thugs, Portland Center Stage

Actor in a Supporting Role

Alex Moggridge

The Retreat from Moscow

Artists Repertory Theatre

Ebbe Roe Smith

Act a Lady

Portland Center Stage

Sean Cullen

The Pillowman

Portland Center Stage

Sharonlee McLean

The Thugs

Portland Center Stage

Young Performer

Lance Geller

High School Musical

Blue Monkey Theatre

Todd said...

So I was awarded this Drammy last night, and was so flabbergasted that I did not say what I would have liked to in my acceptance, I just kind of stood there and stammered like an idiot, so if you will pardon me, I just wanted to say a couple of things in whatever forum I can.

Firstly, I forgot to mention our incredible crew that ran Betrayal,
including Gerard Williams and Becky Kowalski, who were absolutely
fantastic and tackled a job that was more difficult than people might suspect. Imagine having to do a set change at lightning speed and then run off into the wings, hit a mark, and stand stock still because the floor creaked so badly you couldn't move. Thank you guys!

Most importantly, I wanted to say how proud I am to be a member of
this theatre community. I moved here about six years ago, and in the time I've been here I have come to know what an incredible group of
people you all are, how honestly, rigorously, and beautifully you all
work, individually and together. We have something truly wonderful
here in Portland, and that something is you. Thank you.

And thanks for indulging my little ramble here.

Keep up the good work!

Todd Van Voris

Chelsie said...

Todd, if anyone deserved that award last night, I certainly think it was you!

Anonymous said...

What is the protocol for work that is created by an artist sitting on the Drammy Committee?

Drammy Committee members with conflicts of interest excuse themselves from discussion and voting on that production, often physically leaving the room so that the rest of the committee may discuss the show with freedom.


David Millstone said...

I think the town is too small for us to worry about "conflict of interest" in the Drammy committee. For one thing, very little is at stake. The Drammy's don't bring us more money or fame. They help us celebrate our work, little more, and I can't think of a serious conflict of interest that could emerge from that. For another thing, the Drammy Committee seems to be structured in such a way that conflict of interests are usually avoided (but one of them will have to confirm that). And finally--another another thing--I think there'd be greater conflict of interest shown if the Drammy Committe tried to avoid honoring performers who are also members, because, again, the town is too small. The committee would be ignoring too many important players.

I think the most important thing is to keep things in perspective. We're talking about a party, and cool little statuettes, and bragging rights--and, yo, that's it. We're just putting on plays, remember?

Anonymous said...

Who got the PATA awards?

Anonymous said...

Let the critics be critical.

Let us celebrate.

Span said...

A terrific evening -- great fun!

And I'm excited to see such a broad range of talent recognized -- from the big guys at PCS to Vertigo's first win (first, yes?) ...

Just look at the list of award recipients and you can't help but say there's talent everywhere, in every corner of Portland.

And emcee Andy Alcala was the most gallant host the ceremony has had in recent history.

Congratulations to all of us!

Follow Spot said...

Drammy winners can't hide their joy

Hugs - Sharonlee McLean's reaction sets the tone for a show celebrating theater

Read the Oregonian story about the Drammys at:

Anonymous said...

Reprinted from PDX Backstage (Hope you don't mind the cross-posting, Harold!):

Respectfully, no awards ceremony ever pleases everyone.

Looking at this list of this year's winners, it would appear that Portland Center Stage is the "big winner," as productions it mounted took home the largest number of awards. PCS isn't not the only winner, however. Smaller companies like Vertigo, Hand2Mouth, Insight Out, Northwest Classical Theatre and Blue Monkey also took home awards, and check out the list of plays that were considered for the awards - (scroll down to the area marked 2006-2007 Performances Reviewed). The committee wasn't just going to PCS or ART shows (the "big" theatres in town... and it's interesting to note that this wasn't ART's year, as they only won one award). They viewed performances from companies large and small.

Previous awards ceremonies have been even un-kinder to the "big" companies in town. A couple years back (2004-2005 - PCS won four awards, and then up-start (or perhaps it was "start-up?") Third Rail Rep was the big winner.

When push-comes-to-shove, the Drammies are just the committee's opinion on what the top performance/ actor/ set design/ etc of the year are. Just like a review is simply the critic's opinion as to whether a show "worked" or not. Take them for what they are.

Every year the awards are handed out, people feel that some performance should have been recognized that didn't, and that's a good thing too, because people start talking about the season that was, and remembering the high and low points. Anything that gets people thinking of the theatre, good and bad, that they've seen recently is ok in my book.

I personally think I should have won "best actor in a 1950's hair style" for my three minute scene as Griggs in In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer at NW Classical... but alas, passed over again. Sigh... :)

One final note - the Drammy committee is a volunteer committee, who commit to seeing all those plays in a given season. If people feel that diversity is being under-represented, consider volunteering to be on the committee (read this page - - first, though, to understand the process).


Hollyanna said...

The Stage Manager Spotlight Award went to Nicole Gladwin

Crew Member award winner was Nick Sherbo

The Community Contribution/Other award recipient was Racheal Erickson

And, can I take a moment to say how excited I am about offering these awards. We all know these people deserve it and I am so glad that PATA decided to honor them. (And how cool were those tiaras/spotlights that Jen Reynak designed??)

Anonymous said...

Vertigo shows have won in the past. Hellcab and The Grey Zone, but no member of Theatre Vertigo has won for a Vertigo show. Plont is a former member, so that's the closest they've got to having a member win.

Tom said...

This is almost true. One of the co founders of the company, Jeff Meyers, won a Drammy for Mass Murder, which was one of the first shows Vertigo ever did. That would have been for the 97 - 98 season.