Friday, April 13, 2007

The Fall of the House: Episode 4

The Bluestockings
Posted by Followspot April 12, 2007; episode 4 (and the serial) closes April 14, 2007

Confident ensemble continues to educe ever-stronger material loaded with enough punch lines to be entertaining, enough dramatic bumps to evoke empathy, enough ad-lib to wonder what’s next. This isn’t escapism, but magnifying mirror to nature – not to mention some of the most honest, exciting stage work all season. Novelty? Perhaps.


Anonymous said...

When does season 2 start?

tamara said...

cast and crew are taking well-deserved rest, but season 2 is in the workd, none-the-less. we hope to have details/a mailing list on our website soon so that we can keep people informed. thanks.

sonny said...

I want a cameo!

Anonymous said...

Is there any way to get some kind of cast list? I saw the show, but nowhere online can I find anything about who this cast was.

Thanks for any help...

tamara said...

It's my pleasure to provide the names of these talented folk in no particular order:

Olivia- Beth Thompson
Nick- Steve Brian
Brian- Patrick Coleman
Julie- Aubrey Jessen
Sam- Amanda Jensen
Hutch- Ian Goodrich
Luanne- Victoria Blake
Ela (mumsy)- Suzanne Owens-Duval
Colleen- October Moore