Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Fall of the House: Episode 2

The Bluestockings
Posted by Followspot March 30, 2007; episode 2 closes March 31, 2007; serial continues with two additional episodes through April 14, 2007

Like a good soap opera, this serial theatre of the ad-lib has me hooked. Spontaneity of improv simply directed to propel entangled storylines via identifiable-with personas, arriving at honest, human truths about ourselves, our relationships. Pacing’s improved as plot thickens, sold with good humor, stirring cliffhanger. Engaging, entertaining, relevantly down-to-earth.

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Anonymous said...

Genuinely fun to watch. This feels like an eruption of spontaneous "popular" theatre. Format and approach definitely have potential. Some good contributions from improv world.