Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Fall of the House: Episode 1

The Bluestockings
Posted by Followspot March 23, 2007; episode 1 closes March 24, 2007; serial continues with three additional episodes through April 14, 2007

Turn off the TV: Reality theatre is on the scene and it’s genuinely something to see. Individually: everything’s fairly collegiate with semi-scripted pace that’s stop-and-go. But collectively: appealing characters face sincere emotions in honest situations, brought to life with spontaneous charm, “liveness.” Serial concept quirky twist. Fresh cast worth following.


Follow Spot said...

And by "reality theatre," I'm only referring to the sense that this is only semi-scripted, allowing the actors a certain amount of freedom to continue to make choices in the moment, to react in the moment to the choices made by others -- all of which adds to its sense of immediacy.

Anonymous said...

Lack of script I felt worked against show in its fights; what in the love scenes were beautiful moments of openness and tension became in the fights blandness, unfocussed aggression. They were too angry to have that little to fight about, but they weren't fighting like old antagonists either. Hope to see more of Julie and Sam!