Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hot 'N' Throbbing

Arts Equity
Posted by Frenchglen January 26, 2007; closes February 25, 2007

Theatre you won’t see on most Main Streets. In Vogel’s stylized world of pornography and violence, disembodied voices become characters who hold our feet to the national fire of commercialized lust. Some challenges with pacing, and soundtrack at times too loud, but overall a probing, energetic show from Arts Equity.


Anonymous said...

Just a house keeping detail that needs correction.

The production of "Hot 'N' Throbbing" closes on February 25th...BUT DON'T till the end to see it.

Sharon Charlene, the writer
Adrienne Vogel The Voice-Over
Sarah Leslie Ann, the daughter
Dusty Calvin, the son
Stefan The Voice
Drew Clyde, the ex-husband

"Hot 'N' Throbbing" is designed and directed by Llewellyn J. Rhoe

Anonymous said...

Where was the error? Did they not produce programs?

Anonymous said...

There are programs. Originally above, it stated that the show closed February 4, not the 25th.

Llewellyn J Rhoe said...

Clyde shows up drunk at Charlenes house to audition as erotically unemployed...and when he moons her she sticks a gun between his legs and suggest he not move...She wouldn't want to kill him by accident.

Every woman who has ever mentally emasculated a man for being the vulgar jerks men often are needs to see this show.

heatherrose said...

this show was very well done. brutal truthful material, paula vogel's writing is wonderful.

worth the trip over the bridge :)