Sunday, January 14, 2007

Can’t Say I Do

Key Productions
Posted by Followspot January 14, 2007; closes January 20, 2007

Soft-core, uninciteful activist theatre. What worked: natural pickings of Ian Anderson-Priddy, Meredith Weber. What needed work: otherwise uneven casting with barren stagings of duplicative refrains. Faster pace, tighter scene changes, interlaced codas, edginess might’ve kept gappy performance from repeatedly losing momentum. Technical elements: if you can’t make good, go without.


Anonymous said...

Which technical element was less than good?

Follow Spot said...

You're right. I should have been more specific and called out the scenery in particular which, for me, as minimal as it was, looked like it was so done on the cheap that it got me figuring that concert-staging blacks and cubes would have been the less is more route.