Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mars on Life: The Holiday Edition

Artists Repertory Theatre
Posted by Followspot December 13, 2006; closes December 31, 2006

Lovely. Let me echo what’s been said before: The sparkling Susannah Mars is a Portland treasure of exquisite voice and generous soul -- a natural who loves to sing, filling the stage with personality and patter that fluently segue between tunes familiar and unusual. A contemporary Dinah Shore? Excellent quartet.


Anonymous said...

A belated comment.... A wonderful evening. Susannah is always a pro, and so easy to listen to. Very surprised at the negative review from WW. What a shame. The night we were there, Mary Kadderly was the guest, and she was surprisingly flat. A little disappointing. But a great idea overall to have the guest artists. Fabulous band! Hope to see more of Susannah in 2007...

Anonymous said...

The wonderful thing about brilliant performers is that they give the audience something special that only happens in just "that" way for just "that" night. Susannah Mars and Mary Kadderly have always given their audiences all "that" and more. What a treat to see two beautiful, gifted, and giving performers together.
I am confused by anyone using the word "flat" in describing Ms. Kadderly ... the depth of her talent is never "flat" but rich with texture. If the reference was simply an opinion of vocal tone ... live performers are allowed to be human even for a night (although I would disagree even if this was a vocal reference).
Portland is lucky to have been able to keep these ladies here in our beautiful city ... not losing them to a far greater entertainment meca.