Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Maids

p.boy productions
Reviewed by Followspot November 25, 2006; closes December 9, 2006

Conceptually, clever potential: What'd applying Sissyboy post-modern drag to script like this do? And what might happen on this fabulous cartoon set that could easily be home for Mary Kay-selling Liberace? Genet’s cunning loquaciousness becomes ever-more cluttered among additional giddy, gaudy and gauche. Still, niche theater invites imagination: What next?


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see this show, but as a side-note, Genet intended the play to be performed by men in drag, so this production isn't adding a concept but articulating the playwright's orignial intentions.

Follow Spot said...

True, but there's all styles of drag, and I can only imagine that even while articulating the playwright's intentions, Sissboy's adding its unique stamp. For example, it's my understanding that Genet intended young boys play the roles ... and these three are not exactly young boys. Which makes me all the more curious about what these guys are gonna do next? Oh, the potential!