Monday, October 30, 2006

La Carpa Calavera: El Día de los Muertos Festival

Miracle Theatre Group/Bellas Artes
October 28, 2006; closes November 12, 2006

A guest post from Winston Goodbody:

Remember me. Miracle’s annual Day of the Dead celebration combines dance, music, mime and slapstick to probe and savor contemporary dilemmas of immigration, belonging, cultural continuity, exclusion. Mostly shorter skits tied together against a linking backdrop narrative. All audience ages engaged. Closing moments shine wonderful, tender light on night’s message.


tg said...

A lovely blending of the old and the modern. Wonderfully colorful. Touching. The "wind" scene is beautiful to behold. Kudos to the cast, designers, and director.

Meg said...

Very charming and truly delightful.