Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Valerie Stevens: An explorer of psychic crisis, an examiner of the most tender part of humanity

Interview by Followspot (PDF)
June 2006

Hope, idealism and temporariness of living motivate this artist to continue working through her love/hate relationship with acting, never giving up her belief that theater has potential to change peoples’ lives and bring community together. If the Drammy for her recent role in Bug is any indication, we obviously agree.


David said...

This woman makes going to the theater worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

Another super interview. These are so interesting. Save them all and publish a collection!

"...I am involved in theater because I believe theater has the potential to change peoples' lives and bring a community together..."

"I am drawn to plays and characters that explore psychic crisis and offer up the most tender part of humaity for examination. My favorite kind of theater is a play that helps me feel love for other humans and reminds me that people are both different and the same in the same moment."

"Portland is like a compost pile of artists."

Enjoyed those quotes. What she says DOES come through in the few performances I have seen. Hope to see many more. Great stuff.

Maybe I am not the only one who thinks of other roles I would like to see specific actors play. Do you ever assemble an imaginary "dream team" in your head and wonder how so-and-so would do playing opposite what's-his-name? "And what if...and then how about..." If you were king, who would you cast in what? How much fire could you bring to the stage?

There is a great opportunity waiting here for a Portland playwright. Take the Third Rail crew and write something specifically for them, using all their strengths, quirks, and talents.

That could be really cool!