Sunday, May 21, 2006

Silence (Buffini)

Jakers Productions
May 20, 2006; closes June 24, 2006

Interestingly penned quasi-historical comedy with echoes of serious contemporary issues. Performances stuck largely to the middle of a short road. Hazarding abrupt shoulders of higher theatricality (while still avoiding potholes of low comedy) might’ve offered a better view of this wondrously broad landscape (e.g., the king in shackles and shadows).


Anonymous said...

I've heard good things...

Who else has seen this show? What did you think?

tg said...

Some nasty sight line problems (king in chains, and the scenes way downstage). Occasionally some good lighting, more often lighting misses faces - but may be due to equipment and circuit limitations. Priest needs more gravitas so his transformation lands. Nice use of space and set piece.